Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Women Running on the Beach

Two Women Running on the Beach (1922)


I have had a few requests to show pictures from my Bachelorette Party, and here they are, Kaboom! Shown in relation to this Picasso Painting that I think portrays the freedom we women can achieve together sometimes. They say this picture shows a bit of competition between the two. I rather want to see it as an energized wild liberated friendship.

Here we are in our 20s bathing suits made by Han Feng (the girl who designed the clothes for Karate Kid) She also flew in from Hong Kong with her fantastic laughter lingering together with all
the other girls that I am already missing so much.

My girlfriends on the Yacht we sailed on in rough sea (looks calm here) outside Oslo. They are happy, kind, funny, smart (all the superlatives out there). This is right before saxophone play, poetry and gin tonics..... and of course a long night of dancing, cocktails, bubbles, singing and skinny dipping....

With Veslem√ły my Maid in Honor and the great arranger of this fab weekend!

And this is me happy as ever could be!
I am so lucky to have such great friends,
thankful as ever could be:)

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Back on track....?

Tina Jonsbu

I am finally trying to pull my exhausted self out of my skin and on to "Paper".
The Bachelorette party was a success! An Island weekend filled with poetry, skinny dipping, dancing, great food, sailboat trip in rough sea with added galgen humor, laughter, laughter, laughter. 20's bathing suits for all 25 girls. (2 fell of to pregnancy nausea...) Champagne and Party, Party, Party, no sleep but so much love! Ah, I feel extremely lucky to have all these gorgeous Women in my life.

While I was in Oslo my Mother gave me our wedding gift a little early and it is a drawing by Tina Jonsbu (like the one above). Daring in it's simplicity. I LOVE IT! Thank you Mamma for going to the artists studio and pick one out for me, and thank you Tina for being so nice:)

Other than that there has been little "Art" experiences lately. But tomorrow I have some exciting shows that I will try to hit... so stay tune!!

Love, Kristin