Tuesday, July 24, 2012

After Munch

Opening at ArtEco Gallery
June 28 2012

Unni Askeland, Crispin Gurholt and Markus Brendmoe

ArtEco Gallery has opened it's doors and it has taken me nearly a month to post the first blog about it.
It has been overwhelming on all fronts. 
First I would like to mention my luck at working with Unni Askeland, Markus Brendmoe and Crispin Gurholt in my first show. All of them putting the often repeated comment that Artists are difficult to shame. They have all three been positive, supportive and also fun to be with. At the opening even bringing friends and family over from Norway. 
Yes, because the opening was quite an event with an incredible turnout of people making it impossible to close the gallery after the scheduled three hours preview that lasted for 5 hours but still with nobody considering that it is over... could it not last for ever, oh yes I wished as well, but we continued the party across the street until the darkness brought us home.

The aftermath was quite something else, the party was over and the work about to start. Being nervous and actually shaking of exhaustion I began my new life. Although it is quite a shock to realise how quiet galleries can be on a normal day, every day has brought me a new interesting person into my life. Every day has had good news in it. Now it is time to build up the gallery slowly, with care and with artists that I believe have a long future ahead. Ambitious as I am I will try my best at becoming the best, even how long it is going to take me, I am here to stay.

"The Scream" by Markus Brendmoe

"After Munch" has been a fantastic way to launch ArtEco Gallery. To go back to my roots and to start from where it all began feels right. With the stunning exhibit "The Modern Eye" at the Tate Modern, Edvard Munch is also taking over other nations hearts as well... although some say it is a bit dark.
It has been a wonderful opportunity for me to show Norwegian Contemporary Artists to London in a very interesting perspective. After having seen the Munch exhibit twice, I am even more convinced about how important this exhibit will stand in the future. You might think I am over my self here, but time will show, I might be wrong but at least it will be standing strong as ArtEco Gallery´s first show.
As this is my first show it will be an incredibly hard task to take it down this weekend. I have grown a strong bond with all the art work and the artists.

Unni Askeland

With my wonderful friend and help the first week Synne Ravel

Crispin Gurholt

"The Sick Child"
"Night at Ekely"
Markus Brendmoe

"Captain, my Captain"
Unni Askeland

"Sunday 17:45"
Crispin Gurholt

The good thing is; this is only the beginning!

There will be a great program this fall as well, and I hope it will bring a lot of people together and great opportunities for all involved.

With Love,

- Images by Liam Rogers