Thursday, November 18, 2010


Overcoat (2004)

Opening 17th of Nov.

Yes, and Charles LeDray he WORKS he really WORKS and impressively so.
Last night, was one of the funniest openings I have been to in a while. Reaching over the 3rd floor of the Whitney, miniature suits, ties, hats and puppets are decorating walls and floors. In glass vitrines there are carved bone miniature sculptures and thousands of glazed ceramic pieces, like tiny vases. Some sections are filled with all white ceramics and others with all black. There are also sections with multiple colors. All of the sculptures, read ALL of them are different from each other and made single handedly by Charles LeDray himself.


Part of 2000 pots

“With his sometimes diminutive, meticulously made objects . . . the New York artist Charles LeDray thinks giant thoughts.”
- New York Times

“you might just think you stumbled onto the set forGulliver’s Travels.”
The Village Voice

Mens suits

We used a little too long time downstairs with our drinks before we ventured upstairs to the exhibit, by that time I think the artist had left, unfortunately. I did meet him once before though, at the Sperone Westwater opening where he was raving about my miniature top hat. I was making jokes with him and thought he worked at the Gallery. What I did not know and discovered later, when I came home was that he is the KING of miniature "EVERYTHING", hats, ties, suits, keys, you name it. Charles LeDray though is a large man, kind looking, like a cute Teddy Bear.

Toy Chest (2005/2006)

The “work” in LeDray’s repetitious title can function as either a noun or verb, reflecting the vast amount of objects, the lengthy and laborious task of creating them, or the basic need to labor in order to survive.
  - Whitney
Come together 1995/1996

If you want to see a fun and enticing exhibit, check out Charles LeDray at the Whitney. I was not allowed to take pictures unfortunately, so these are borrowed. But, the New York Magazine took plenty of me and my gorgeous girlfriends Linda and Alice so maybe you will see us there?

With Love

(Photographs Tom Powel. Courtesy of Sperone Westwater)


  1. Wow! I can't even imagine the effort and utter dedication that went into this - not to mention, it's outrageously creative and fun! How wonderful you got to experience it all! I just love the pictures you shared here :)

  2. Oh I love anything miniature! Such a great show- I find this so inspirational- something that I can work with- taking the ordinary and making it extraordinary!

  3. Great comment "Taking the ordinary and making it extraordinary". You nailed it. Thanks:)

  4. Very interesting work!
    Thanks for introducing me to this artist!


  5. Stuff like that always fascinate me so much...He is truly the king of miniature. What a great post and I will make sure to check out the NY Mag for some photos of you:)
    Happy Thursday,sweetie

  6. Okay, I am fascinated with miniatures, I would have LOVED this! And if you get in NY Mag, scan and post, please! XX!

  7. wow these pieces are amazing! the 2000 pots are just to die for <3 And all the clothing pieces! so cool!


  8. good heavens, the coat stopped me and to know it is a tiny coat wows even more. pgt

  9. Fashion infused that's what I'm talkin' about!

  10. that sounds like such an amazing exhibit, and how fun that you had met him before, haha!

  11. Whimsical! Love it!!