Friday, July 1, 2011

Young London

Laure Prouvost and Francesco Pedraglio
Faces, such long white faces (again)

The Biscuit Factory (London)

You could hear me swearing slightly to myself when I walked out of the Bermondsey Tube station and realizing that this is not the space for bling, bling Chanel and Mulberry. Why did I not do a simpler entre into the world of surveillance cameras. Truth be told I did feel quite out of place, to the state workers hilarious "help this poor girl" rants... 
Oh, well I finally found the old Bisquit Factory where an exhibit of young artists and their recent work (within the last three years) are shown.

The V22 is priding themselves on a 50,000 square feet exhibition space, and it is excellent. This must be a dream come through for young artists to bring forth their art in such a space. 
Why then, does most of the Art look hurried and unfinished? Walking through the space I am filled with dissappointment. Is this it? Is this what 35 Young London Artists wants to show us? I am sorry but I have prided myself on not criticizing new talent... but here I saw a badly used space with a lot of half finished work.

Here are the pieces I could come close to calling highlights:

Stuart Middleton

Yonatan Vinitsky

Yonathan Vinitsky

Matthew Smith

The building is divided into 4 sections. The 3rd below definitely had the stronger work;

Laura Morrison

Alice Channer

Alice Channer (Unsure if this is the correct artist)

Laura Morrison
Mount Point

This might be my favorite, at least the most interesting and unique piece.

Thorbjørn Andersen

Marie Lund

Gino Saccone
Interlace (lacuna)

This woven piece must be the most labor intensive work of the exhibit. Different details at the back.

Torbjørn Andersen
90 Projections

I am sorry if I have been ranting a bit myself here...I just wish these Young Artists would have a bit more fun creating... the space is there. GO FOR IT!!!

With Love 


  1. I am so in love with that first photo. Fantastic.

  2. Very cool exhibit!
    Love the woven piece!


  3. What a great space...some great ideas, the potential is definitely there :)
    Claudia xo

  4. Great exhibition...
    Enjoy your day Kristin !
    Greetings From france,


  5. always good to critique at some point, sounds like an interesting exhibit tho!

  6. I totally see your point and I bet they could use more of the space and their talent. Kisses, darling