Friday, January 13, 2012


Eva Caridi
Ambika P3

This winter has been a time of continuous colds, therefore my slow return to ArtEco. 
Even though I still felt under the weather on Tuesday I went across town to Marylebone Road and the Eva Caridi opening. I was delighted to see my efforts were not in vain.
The unassuming entrance and the factory looking location made me have a New York flashback, the atmosphere was great even though there were more wine than glasses. 
At first view the Eva Caridi Labyrinth reminds you a bit of Richard Serra's steel work, but when you walk through it and end up with a film at the core, you think; yes, but with poetry! 

After you walk out of the Labyrinth you are led to scenes made out of sculptures of Women.

"The second room opens the scenery to a deconstructed space that loosens and brings back to the primitive, a continuum filled with an army of sculptures: they are grasping at life, desperate to capture a moment in time, to catch small instants that slip from their hands by freezing themselves in multiple body positions. A reflection of the human soul, of the frailness of human emotions."
               - Nude

Referring to Leonardo Da Vinci, Eva Caridi says

"The noblest pleasure is the joy of understanding"

Eva Caridi succeeds in making the viewer feel connected to her piece.
Mentionable is also how I was impressed by the execution of this exhibit, a great challenge fulfilled.

With Weekend Love


  1. Love how this started, moving through and into it. Very impressive..would have loved to see this :) Happy weekend to you doll xx

  2. welcome back Kristin!

    looks like a very interesting exhibition! i would love to walk through that Labyrinth...
    no Minotaurus i hope ; )

  3. Thanks for the recap! These people and sculptures have such an air of vulnerability indeed!
    Happy weekend and fitness (a visit back home is definitely throwing me off track!)

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  4. great to see you back Kristen!!
    I love these sculptures - they feel sacred somehow.... like we're privy to a very personal moment.
    Happy New Year!

  5. Fantastic. Those sculptures look inncredible. Have a cozy day, my dear. xo

  6. i sense a voyeuristic feel to these sculptures- thought provoking!

  7. this is a great exhibit but it gives me the creeps a little bit... ha!