Monday, March 12, 2012


PI Tangerine, 2009
(Tinted Polyurethane)

Thomas Dane Gallery

The Thomas Dane Gallery is not the easiest gallery to find, if you are not on the lookout I don't think you would have bumped into it. Located on Duke street, very close to White Cube, Mason´s yard, but on the second floor with only a small plaque outside.

At the moment the Thomas Dane Gallery presents a solo exhibition of the American Artist Lynda Benglis. Lynda Benglis is probably most know for a one page advertisement in ArtForum, that she did in 1974 for an opening at the Paula Cooper Gallery in New York. Lynda Benglis posed nude with a large dildo, in protest to the male controlled art world, in return she has and will never be forgotten.

At this show though you think more about what materials has been used and what art forms she is borrowing from and also inspiring.

Baby Contraband, 1969
(Poured pigmented latex)

Figure 4, 2009
(Bronze, black Patina)

Sparkle knot IV, 1972
(aluminium screen, bunting, plaster, paint and sparkles)

Hoofers, 1971-72
(aluminium screen, red cotton bunting, plaster, gesso)

Lynda Benglis cult status still proceeds, and she keeps on inspiring younger artists, but I think this exhibition was rather tame...

With Love


  1. I must agree with you, I think it seems a little tame also. Hope you have a great week! x

  2. Very cool pieces!
    Especially loving the first one!


  3. Mmm ... interesting concepts. The 'Baby Contraband' is my favourite. As I live amongst growing oranges and tangerines, I was completely turned off by 'tangerine' as I could not identify it with the concept of a tangerine in any way, not even the colour.

  4. I can imagine no one forgot her! The color is also remarkable!

  5. i wasn't that sure about this actually, maybe more impact in person

  6. The first one really caught my attention. Wish I could see it in person:) Have a great evening, sweetie. xo

  7. But i do think it's pretty cool to make art out of poured latex!!!