Tuesday, September 28, 2010

4th of September 2010

My Wedding!

Standard Hotel - Secret Garden (Central Park) - Meat Packing District - Dinner at the High Line Room

What a Fantastic Day!
All pictures by wonderful 

With Love 


  1. Whoaaa! You were stunning! I love everything...the hat, the red shoes and earrings, the dress, the flowers!! (what kind of flowers??) AND the hair piece you changed into. Perfection. Congratulations!!

  2. u gotta be kidding me?! .. THIS was ur wedding? - it looks like it was out of a magazine photoshoot - FANTASTIC!!!

    *kiss kiss*
    ~Tiptoe Butterfly~

  3. Thank you Michelle, the flowers are White Arabicum, I did so much research since I had not too much botanical knowledge, but they are now my favorites.

  4. Congratulations, darling!
    You are the most gorgeous bride EVER!
    Loooooove your shoes!


  5. I looks like a movie :-) Very nice!

  6. i just got so excited to see these, you look supremely beautiful and radiant...love them!

  7. OMG....We dont know eachother in person but I would say that this wedding is so you...I loved everything about it...from the amazing red shoes and lipstick to the stunning hat...The boys looked like a dream and the venue...wow!!!
    Those photos are so perfect! Congrats again,sweetie
    I am so very happy for you:)

  8. Mazel Tov!

    You and your groom look fantastic-

    I love the red shoes- such a great touch- and your cake looks delish!

    All the best-

  9. OH MY GOSH!!!! I have been waiting for these! You are soooo gorgeous, breathtakingly beautiful, and Mr. Kristin is so handsome! What a stunning wedding, love that shot in the Meatpacking District! You are the coolest, soooo happy for you! XX! Love you, my dear blog friend!

  10. you are such a beautiful family!!!! congrats and wish you lots of love, health and happiness!!!!! you look fantastic and the red shoes are suuuuper sexy!!!!! we have to meet next time i go to NY!!!

  11. dear Kristin,

    you looked like a dream on your big day! i loved seeing your pics...and your red shoes are so gorgeous! i hope your wedding was perfect and just how you imagined it to be. wishing you both all the best...always! xo.

  12. These pictures are AMAZING and you looked absolutely STUNNING!

  13. Thanks for such lovely comments and great support!
    Love to all my blog friends out there!

  14. You took my breath away lady! That dress was made for you...and the shows...OMG the shoes. And the kiddos...Could they be any cuter? Methinks not.

  15. what beautiful photos! the romance practically pours from your couple shots. this wedding is so so SO beautiful!!

    love the hat/veil combination by the way. it's not something seen too often nowadays :)