Friday, August 5, 2011


Fransesca Lowe
Riflemaker Gallery
The Riflemaker Gallery is a small hidden gem in the middle of Soho. Housed in London's oldest public building. It used to be a Georgian riflemaker's workshop dating from 1712. The Riflemaker Gallery began in 2004, when I went there they were showing the large canvases by Fransesca Lowe. 

The canvases illustrates a Woman's journey, both psychologically and eternally...
With this I am going on my own journey... with destinations in Norway, Germany and France awaiting.


I will be back in September!
Hopefully filled with new energy and inspiration.
Must life treat you well until then.

With Love 

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The Architecture of Happiness

balancing barn
Balancing Barn, Suffolk
Mole Architects

Alain de Botton

Some friends of ours came for the weekend from Germany and brought the latest issue of Der Spiegel where there were an article about the latest project by Alain de Botton. I got so excited when I viewed it, somehow it had not reached my ear that the great novelist turned philosopher now has turned his energy into creating exciting holiday homes.
I have followed his writings since his adorable novels like "The Romantic Movement" and "Kiss and Tell". He later went on to write more philosophical books, but always with a strange twist like "How Proust can change your life" or "The Art of Travel". After he gave out the book "The Architecture of Happiness" he wondered why he was not more involved in Architecture since he loved it so much.
Therefore he began with the project "Living Architecture" which is a not-for-profit organisation that engages leading Architects to build houses around UK for then to rent it out for holidays.

A discovery seldom comes alone... so yesterday I ventured to the Design museum and guess what was there? The model for the Balancing Barn. That made me even more excited and inspired me to share this with you.

The faceted roof floats above a glazed ground floor, partially sunk into the surrounding dunes..
The Dune House, Suffolk
Jarmund/Vigsnæs Architects

The book that instigated the project

" I love architecture and I believe that good quality buildings can make a serious improvement to life. But most people’s experience of modern architecture is civic and not residential...". (Alain de Botton)

I am now thrilled to see which architects and what new houses Living Architecture will bring forth to us in the future!

With Love

Monday, August 1, 2011

Fire Leap

Fire Leap
Sprovieri Gallery (London)
All photos ©Sprovieri Gallery

On Friday I went to the Norwegian Church in London to be part of the Memorial for the horrible attacks in Norway 22/07. It felt good to be there, a calm togetherness lingered in the packed Church. With an intense headache, I sat through the ceremony, had the lovely waffles and coffee that was served so lovingly and felt the closeness of the other Norwegians that missed home right now.
After the ceremony I ventured to Heddon Street to view the Nan Goldin exhibition at the Sprovieri Gallery, before my headache took over and guided me home. The Fire Leap photos felt quite fitting on a day like this. A few of us had just been talking about "How do people become evil? What makes somebody do what they do?" A question I would dare anybody to try and answer. I just read somewhere that 3-5% of the population lacks empathy, is that why someone can become mass murderers or is it because of the way we grow up? So many questions and so few answers.

Nan Goldin though is the master of describing humanity through her photos. Her photos are brutally realistic in a way that you nearly think you know the subjects. In the photo stream that can be seen here you follow pregnancy through birth and early childhood, with kids singing "Desperado"(The Eagles), "Space Oddity" David Bowie and "I'm so Glad (I'm a little boy and you're a little Girl) (Jimmy Boyd).

Isabella as a ghost

This song was also sung and it is so touching I had to post the Mommy version of it here, many of you probably grew up with it?:

(Mon Enfant) (Traditional)  

Mommy dear, tell me please is the world really round? 
Tell me where is the bluebird of happiness found? 
Tell me why is the sky up above is so blue? 
And when you were a child did your mommy tell you? 
What becomes of the sun when it falls into the sea? 
And who lights it again bright as bright can be? 
Tell me why can't I fly without wings through the skies? 
Tell me why, Mommy dear, are there tears in your eyes? 

Little one, little one, yes, the world's really round
And the bluebird you search for will surely be found
And the sky up above is so blue and clear so that
You'll see the bluebird if it should come near
And the sun doesn't fall when it slips out of sight
All it does is make way for the moon's pretty light
And if children could fly there'd be no need for birds
And I cry, little one, 'cause I'm touched by your words

Don't be sad, Mommy dear, if it's true the world's round
I will search 'round the world till the bluebird is found
Little one, there's no need to wander too far
For what you really seek is right here where you are
Show me where, Mommy dear, and here's what I will do
I will take the dear bluebird and give it to you 
Dear,the bluebird's the love in your heart pure and true
And I found it the day heaven blessed me with you

Nan Goldin is an American photographer born in Washington D.C. Already at 15 she had her first solo show documenting gays and transexuals. Her whole life has been a photographic journal through love, sexuality, drugs, domesticity, sorrow and happiness. 

Nan Goldin is known as an artist whose output is inextricably bound up with her own biography, and for breaking down the traditional barrier between the camera and what is being photographed. Her naturally lit images document her surrogate family of friends and lovers, and – more often than not – are frank confrontations with personal experience, and explorations of both intimacy and the alienation that can be wound up within it. 
          - Sprovieri Gallery


Let's make a baby king
Let's make him Lord of all
Let's give him everything
Let's make a baby king

(text from "Let's Make a Baby King" Wynonna Judd)

How can we make sure that we will be able to take care of the next generation, and embrace them with love and security? Even if we can't take care of many, what about trying with the once you already have around?
It makes me hope dearly that my kids will think of me as a good mother when they grow up. Will I be able to protect them from damage and sorrow? to keep hearing their pure happy innocent childish laughter? Probably not. But, I will be there for them as much as I can.