Tuesday, January 4, 2011

One of New York´s Treasures!


The new year has started, filled with grand resolutions, but most of all I try to make the best out of my last two weeks in New York. Today I went to the newly renovated Morgan Library. A beautiful heaven of Art, books and manuscripts from Shrines to Bob Dylan. 
I wished that I could take the books out of their safe spaces on the shelves or from their glass boxes, smell them, touch them and read. Just fill myself with the world that is inside every one of these first editions. Instead I had to be thankful about standing or sitting in the room and sense the warmth and the wisdom that engulfed me.

A Gutenberg Bible is enclosed in a glass case at the Morgan Library and Museum.

The Gutenberg Bible in a glass case, photo Jeff Zelevansky: Reuters

The Morgan Library & Museum
J.P. Morgans Study

Pierpont Morgan built his library by the Architect Charles McKim between 1902 and 1906 adjacent to his own residence in Murray Hill. The International financier was an avid collector of everything from ancient artifacts to drawings and rare books. After his death in 1924 his son Jack turned his majestic library into a Museum. 

The library continued growing in size and content and in 2006 the pritzker wining Architect Renzo Piano built the new entrance, courtyard and a connection between the three landmark buildings constituting the Morgan Library.

Part of the new design is the Morgan cafe but unfortunately this section does not seem very inviting to me. The Piazza is a bit too open to feel the same sense of grace and calmness as you experience in the library. 

But still, setting this minor issue aside, it is one of New York's great Treasures! And it would make me very happy if I can be the one that makes you go for a visit to the Morgan Library
I promise you will be grateful.

With Love


  1. I went recently and the place is mind boggingly extravagant! Be interesting to see what other NYC things you squeeze in before you desert us....

  2. i've never heard of this place...it's beautiful!

    ps: your nyc snowy night sounds like heaven :)

  3. Wow is the only word that comes to mind...thanks for sharing!
    Happy New Year :))

  4. Gorgeous post, darling!
    I need to visit this library post haste!


  5. Wow gorgeous, I'd love to visit someday.

  6. What a stunning library! I'm in awe.
    Your last two weeks in New York before you embark on your next adventure-- enjoy them!

  7. This looks like a must for my NYC trip!

  8. How have I never heard of this place. I'm definitely visiting next time I'm in NYC!

  9. I would love to visit! Its so beautiful:) How are you doing with all the packing? Are you really for the move? Hugs and kisses,sweetie
    Have a great Thursday

  10. oh my!!! i've never been there!!! definitely will have to go next time I'm in the city

  11. Thanks for that. Like everyone else said, I have never been there.

    Since you _wished_ that you could take the books out of their safe spaces on the shelves or from their glass boxes, I assume that you weren't allowed to. Then I noticed that Pierpont Morgan's son son turned the stunning library into a museum. Perhaps Jack was afraid for the safety of the books, if he left it as a true library.

    I suppose standing or sitting in the room and being surrounded by the treasured books and the amazing architecture will have to do.