Thursday, April 14, 2011

Mystery and Murder

The Alhambra of Granada
Part 3 (1 and 2)
Nisrad Palace and Partal Palace

The last part of the most famous Islamic Architecture in Spain, is the Nasrid Palace and the Partal Palace.
Enjoy, the dripped ceilings, the calming water and the mystery of these spaces. 

Entrance to the Hall of the Mexuar

Hall of the Mexuar

Court of the Gilded Room

The space where meetings where held.

Ceiling Gilded Room

Court of the Myrtles

Where the Nasrid did their best to tame water, the water is supposed to have an intricate construction to be completely quiet and reflect the buildings. I therefore thought it was quite awkward that fishes had been added to it. 

Entrance ceiling, Comares Room

Court of the Lions

Hall of the two sisters

Supposedly named after two imprisoned sisters who is said to die of desire after seeing a couple secretely making love in the nearby garden.

In the Hall of the Abencerrajes there is also another myth. The Abencerraje massacre, the leader was supposed to be smitten by the beautiful Zorraja, the Kings favorite. This ended in a massacre and the red bloodstains are said to be still there. Later the episode has been thought of as the downfall of Grenada.

Jardin de Lindaraja

Partal Palace

Alhambra's oldest castle, with what is left of it and it's gorgeous less secluded garden. 

What better way to end this wonderful trip, than to see a couple in love?
With this I will end my vacation and go back to the Contemporary world in London for a while.
See you next week:)

With Love 


  1. The Hall of Two Sisters can only be described as majestic. I wish my husband and I had time to go to Grenada!

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  2. this is FASCINATING, i love it!

    p.s. PLEASE write about Gerhard! I would love to read what you say and I am eyeing his exhibit in London later this year, I would really really like to go and I think I must make it happen. It's the most expansive one that he has going on this year I think (well, I didn't read the Tate one because I doubt I'll get there!)

  3. Loved this series!
    Absolutely gorgeous post!


  4. Beautiful! I need to get out more...there is so much of this fabulous world I have yet to see!

  5. the ceilings are truly exquisite!

  6. Hello:
    We should certainly love to visit Grenada and have much enjoyed the virtual tour which you have given us. We totally agree about the water which is, for us, so much better when acting as a mirror without the distraction of the fish.

  7. Very intriguing title and most intriguing post. Thanks for the treat :))

  8. Gorgeous photos! It sounds like you've had a wonderful time. Thank you for sharing.

  9. what gorgeous photos again! i love the tiles..

  10. definitely the perfect end to a trip. squirmy fishies do tend to muddle reflections...

  11. Wow..the dripped ceilings are breathtaking and I bet they look even more beautiful in person:) Glad that you had a wonderful trip and have a great flight back home:) Happy Friday, my dear

  12. The tiles are so very gorgeous!

  13. Oh wow, disse får meg til å ville tilbake til Spania! Alt for lenge siden jeg har vært der nå egentlig!

    Og en finfin helg til deg :)

  14. Modernité des motifs, écritures murales qui nous inspire des tracés de toute efficacité très contemporaine.
    Beau reportage, en effet !

  15. AFabulousWorkThankYouForSharing