Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Notre Dame du Haut

Le Corbusier
Notre Dame du Haut

I have been desperately trying to get back to blogging but with very little time I have not gotten far. I thought I could give you a quick update on one of my favorite spots that I have visited this summer. Notre Dame du Haut is a pilgrimage chapel built in France near Belfort in the 1950's to replace the chapel that had been destroyed during the war.

Notre Dame Du Haut turned into Le Corbusier's most celebrated building, and named one of the greatest architectural edifices of the 20th Century. The building though is hard to come by, you will need to make it a destination spot. It is beautifully spotted on top of  a hill overlooking the small town Ronchamp. You will need to park halfway up the hill and then walk the rest. But the building does not disappoint, a spectacular sacred spot built out of simple raw materials. The shape of the building is composed to its ultimatum with the way light comes through to the chapel.
(One is not aloud to take photos inside so that part you will have to discover yourself.)

The outdoor altar

Renzo Piano has started to build additional housing for the nuns and replace the visitor center so you should perhaps plan your visit for next year when it supposedly is finished.

Good to be back
With Love


  1. that building is way cool looking!!! and i know what you mean about finding time to blog, i barely do!

  2. Será una capilla que tendría que conocer cuando visite la zona.
    Un saludo

  3. What a cool building- it almost looks as if it is done in the Googie style of architecture. One of the common features of Googie is to have the roofs slope upwards- very cool.

  4. is that you in the last picture? *catcalls*

  5. Wow, it is unreal and completely gorgeous!
    I hope you had a great summer dear and we can't wait to hear more!

    Chic 'n Cheap Living


  7. it's an amazing place...I love what the building adds to the landscape
    have a great week-end Kristin

    Claudia xo

  8. That looks beautiful. For all the "girlie, frilly and heavily decorated" things I love I also really have a huge thing and much admiration for Le Corbusier and in fact the whole Bauhaus movement. This is a stunning example of his work. Have a lovely Sunday evening xo

  9. My favourite chapel too - love the way the coloured light filters down inside