Thursday, October 20, 2011

With Circular Force

Maria Nepomuceno

Maria Nepmuceno is the artist from last week that my thoughts are lingering at. After seeing her work at Phillips de Pury for the Bianca Jagger Humanitarian Auction, I also found her at Frieze. At Frieze she was represented by the Brazilian Gallery; A Gentil Carioca, who kindly gave me a disk with images of her work that I now over a good warm cup of coffee, has been gazing at. The more I see her work the more I fall in love with it. It is feminine, it has mystery, it is strong, it has a life of its own.

 Superflux 2
2007, sewed ropes, 190 x 310 cm
© courtesy of the Artist and Galerie Karsten Greve

Untitled, 2011
(from the Bianca Jagger, Human Rights Auction at Phillips de Pury)

"The House Where I was Born"
Photograph, 2008
©Maria Nepomuceno

Force, 2011
©Victoria Miro Gallery

Sara Tremlett (Victoria Miro) descripes her work beautifully;

Nepomuceno has taken the stuff of everyday existence - straw, rope and beads - all
registering subliminally in the viewer's mind with the traditional craft-making of her native
Brazil, dipped them in carnival colours and married their materiality literally with a cosmic
spin. Apparently, the spiral shape she repeatedly returns to occurs naturally throughout the
universe - from DNA to immense galaxies. Without any sense of indulgence these coiled
love letters to a planetary pulse, are shockingly different - they simply exist as works in
themselves - disarming the viewer with an unashamed lack of conceptual dystopia or
problematic subjectivity. The artist has let her imagination and these bounteous
entomological forms run riot - apparently giving only a fleeting acknowledgement of
gravity - spreading and spilling across the walls and floors in hammock- like poses or
constellationary groups.

©Victoria Miro Gallery, 2010

©Victoria Miro Gallery, 2010

As in a cyclonic storm of colors I am pulled into the inviting world of Maria Nepomuceno.
Hope you are enjoying it too!

With Love



  2. Those are so neat, I love the pop of vibrant color!

  3. A beautiful exploration of dreams and brain.

  4. Wonderful photos, very work of art. The shapes and colors, if mixed so wonderfully, is amazing. :)

  5. Oh my goodness..her work is amazing! I adore the incredible shapes and the fantastic colours. Have a great Friday, my dear. Kisses

  6. Kristin! thanks for sharing this with us... these cyrcles make me somehow calm and happy at the same time...

  7. so organic and feminine. giving yet strong. excellent.

  8. i love your description of her work! is it because i'm a woman that i'm so drawn to it? so lovely!

  9. These are intriguing pieces - and somehow fascinate and grow on one. I can imagine they are fantastic seen 'for real'.