Wednesday, November 23, 2011

I'm a wild animal you can't tame me!

My body is a house of glass

Nathalie Djurberg
A world of Glass
Camden Arts Centre

If you are not familiar with London don't go to the Camden Arts Centre without properly checking out how to get there. I learned my lesson, but after the tube, a few helpful people and a couple of busses, I eventually stood in front of the lovely building that was originally built as a library in 1897. From the 60's the building turned into an arts centre supporting some of the most exciting international artists and also offer residency, education and off-site artists projects.

On my virgin trip to Camden I went eagerly to see in person what Nathalie Djurberg is all about. She creates characters out of plasticine puts them in some sort of horror fairy tale and then films it, her partner Hans Berg composes the music. You can't help but gasp at the daring darkness of it all, portraying a brutal sexual and violent relationship between animals and humans. At the same time we are being pushed to think about how painfully helpless we can be, and our secret desires.

"The beguiling beauty of the installation contrasts with scenes of wounded flesh or emotional distress, drawing out the connection between desire and suffering, a theme explored by Bataille when he discussed the transgression of taboos in relation to the sometimes violent drives of sexuality. The dark and foreboding atmosphere of the installation also links Djurberg’s work to the subversive imagination of Goya."   - Camden Arts Centre

Monster: Didn't you know I'm made of butter

In front of the four films that are showing at the Camden Arts Centre, there are these stunning glass sculptures looking like they are made of ice that just began to melt. The sound of clinking glass will never be quite the same.... - Not suitable for children - for sure!!

With Love


  1. sounds very extravagant .... not exactly my cup of tea
    -to say it in good english ; )

    but one must never say never ...
    the glass pictures are very intriguing...

  2. I appreciate your honesty Demie, definitely not everyones "Cup of tea"!

  3. Sounds like it was quite a haunting experience.... the glass pieces really add to your description of the films... kind of frightening! confronting. Hope you found your way out ok!

  4. I love glass and your pics have definitely hit the spot for me...such beautiful this place :)
    Have a great day Kristin xo

  5. Wow such beautiful detail is captured in those pieces!

  6. Amazing, would have loved to see that!! Hope you are doing well flower!! xx