Thursday, December 8, 2011


O conversador, 2005
 ©Vermelho Gallery

Cinthia Marcelle
Galeria Vermelho
Sao Paulo

I had planned to write about Citnhia Marcelle right after the Frieze festival where I discovered her at the booth of Vermelho Gallery. I had been talking to the gallerist Jan Fjeld for a long time about Marcelle's work before we introduced ourselves with laughter... realizing we had been conversing in English when we both have such obvious Norwegian names. Jan sent me the link to these images a while later and I finally have time to show them to you.

Cinthia Marcelle who lives and work in Belo Horizonte, Brazil, is something between an instigator of performance art, filmmaker and photographer. Her projects involves the city, nature, people and animals, our interactions knowingly and unknowingly with what surround us.
The way she covers the horse in "O conversador" and the man in "Gigante debras" makes them be connected to nature in a humorous but also thoughtful way, I find them quite poetic.

 ©Vermelho Gallery

GEOGRAFIA [GEOGRAPHY] of the series Unus Mundus sculpture | 2004 | Museu de Arte da Pampulha, Belo Horizonte, Brasil | 256 hose arms and 128 y-connections 128 hose arms lead to a lake. Initially, there is a faucet which takes water to one arm, which connects in Y in regular intervals of time, following a geometric progression. There are then 256 arms, all visible as a group, working simultaneously, forming a sort of delta, proposing geographic accidents at that place. How many hoses are connected right now?
(Vermelho Gallery)

 ©Vermelho Gallery

With her environmentally loaded images she questions how our reality will look like in the future, when nature has no space to be free of human intrusion.

Impacto Ambienta (Environmental impact), 2007
©Vermelho Gallery

O Sabio, 2009
 ©Vermelho Gallery

Marcello reflects on social behavior and structures, her work is daringly political, showing pungent poetic messages. Which makes it a good reason for why she won the 2010 Main Prize of the Future Generation.

Gigante Detras (Back Giant),  (fabric on heads), 2006

 While I will have to wait to see more of her work, the New Yorkers have a chance to go to Gallery Lelong from the 14th of December, where Chintia Marcelle's art will be part of a group show.

I though, will be flying to St. Petersburg for the weekend (my first time), and I can't wait to share with you my impressions from The Hermitage.

With Weekend Adventure Love


  1. I love that horse piece so much. Its beautiful:) Have fun in St. Petersburg, sweetie. Kisses and hugs.

  2. I enjoy the environmentally loaded is true, the world will look much different when there isn't much space because of humans and our waste. I hope you have a grand time in St. Petersburg! xx

  3. What striking pieces of work (the brick wall packs quite a statement!)
    Have fun this weekend!

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  4. i like her work. although very honest there soemthing very surreal about those pictures.... looking forward to your Hermitage post!
    kos deg : )

    ps. i have experienced the same. talking norwegian to a fellow greek ( not knowing they were greek of course...)

  5. I have been in the Heremitage - its like a dream. Flying to New York next week for the first time, butterflies :-)

  6. i've not come across her work before. i've been to st petersburg before so i can almost image what it will look like to see some of the work in person

  7. Love these! Especially the ones with the bricks.

  8. Hi Kristin - O Conversador is a powerful image... in that I had to really draw my face close to the screen to see it - it feels both disturbing and beautiful!
    Have a great time in St Petersburg. Mika