Thursday, January 19, 2012

London Art Fair 2012

Susan MacMurray
Animus, 2011
agnew's Gallery

Preview evening 2012

One could feel the excitement when one walked into the London Art Fair preview on Tuesday night.
But, as soon as the champagne was gone, the drop of enthusiasm lowered quite dramatically and I could hear desperate moans "Where is the booze?" or see people eyeing longingly at the ones who still had a glass with bobbles in it.
But, the London Art Fair shouldn't be about getting a glass of wine or not, a pity then that there was nothing one could buy either. More signs of a dooming recession?

The Business design Center is a great building for the Art Fair, first of all it's London's first Carbon Neutral venue. But, originally it was built in 1861 as The Agricultural Hall with an amazing barrel vaulted roof. There were about 100 galleries exhibiting in this fair, that is on its 24th year.

Some of the highlights are bellow:

Susan MacMurry
After Flock, 2011
agnew's Gallery

Damien Hirst
Death or Glory Hazy Gold/ Europen Gold Glorious Skull 2011

Biggs + Collings
The Toil of our Hands, 2011
Vigo Gallery

Chris Offili
Untitled, Yellow 1997
Crane Kalman Gallery

Jonathan Huxley
Flight, 2010
Crane Kalman Gallery

Me and Jonathan Huxley

Talking to Jonathan about his art work we discovered something funny, earlier this month I got stranded in Frankfurt overnight since the flight back to London got cancelled. Having to stay at the Sheraton I could not overlook the immense painting at their entrance looking very similar to Huxley's work. I therefore asked Jonathan if by any chance he had been commissioned to do a painting at the Sheraton in Frankfurt, and bingo it was him:)

Veronica Bailey
Dementer (Goddess of agriculture, nature and the seasons)

Helen Sear
Sightlines, 2011

Jeffrey Blondes
Real time high definition film 52 hour loops, edition of & 7

Lars Elling
Vigo Gallery

Karen Nicol
Thread Bear
Rebecca Hossack Gallery

Mike Speller
Buy 1 get 10 free, Aug 2011
Woolf Gallery

Ackroyd & Harvey
Shoal, 2011
Sea bream skeleton, alum crystals, perspex case

The exciting part of this piece is how after the fish bone has been placed in a hot chemical solution and it cools down the crystals form and attach themselves to the bone.

Juz Kitson
Sacred Milk or Mother
Comodaa Gallery

"I have an interest in ever so slightly repulsing the viewer at first experience. They are unsettled. This uneasiness then turns into wonder and in a later stage, fascination."
       - Juz Kitson

Fertility I
Ink, resin and oil on paper

Tamzin Plummer
Proprioception (series)

Tamzin Plummer is one of the 40 Artists that has been picked for the Caitlin Guide this year.
A guide that profiles the most talented recent graduates from UK art Schools.

Nancy Fouts
The other wall Gallery

This last piece was not shown at the fair, but a Galerist from the Other Wall Gallery introduced me to it and it gave me a kick. What a timely piece, humorous and horrifying at the same time.

With Love 


  1. You look gorgeous! Love your necklace.

    I've never heard of Chris Offili but I quite like his work-
    and the Nancy Fouts change purse is so clever.

  2. Awesome post!
    Love that Biggs and Collings piece!


  3. That last piece is definitely fun! How sad that people stop appreciating art after the drinks stop!

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  4. lots of interesting pieces here. How exiting to meet Huxley!
    - you look gorgeous by the way & so does he : )

  5. Fantastic pieces, very interesting, great to see you too! xx Have a fun weekend!

  6. It's too bad everyone was more interested in the champagne than the art, but we are in some strange times what can you do. I would kill to walk around with the Nancy Fouts wallet, my friends would get a major kick out of it!!!

  7. Lars Elling - gorgeous.
    Nice to see your face Kristin!

  8. Oops, did not want to make it an all about the drinks post, but I think when people go out for a full evening you do expect that you can get a glass of wine or coffee... anything really or that you at least can buy it. It feels different if it is a day event.
    Thanks for your comments:)