Thursday, May 17, 2012

Catlin Award 2012

Soheila Sokhanvari
Google TPAJAX to find the title
Taxidermy, jesmonite, car paint, metal


Last night was the final ceremony for the Catlin award. It is an award given to recent graduates from UK art schools. First they pick 40 artists that they see as the most talented of that year, later it triggers down to 10 of these that goes on to be part of the final award. 

Soheila Sokhanvari, that I am so lucky to have a chance to show work by in August at my Gallery was one of the finalists. Soheila is an incredible person as well as an artist. Coming from Iran where every prominent governmental figure is shown proudly and statuesque sitting on a horse, she is here showing a horse that has been taken over, a horse that is lying on it's back overwhelmed by its time. How Soheila has managed to create this piece continues to baffle me, I have seen another of her horses before, but when I came to the award I was pulled back by it and the only thing I could exclaim was "WOW!". Her background in biology is probably one of many links to her impressive craftsmanship.

Greta Alfaro
Invencion #1-3
Plasterboard construction covered in edible meringue

Greta Alfaro drew my interest with these photographs and the exciting work that has been done to make it. To think she made this scenario out of edible meringue is quite baffling.

Adeline De Monsegnat
Mother HEB/Loletta
Vintage fur, pillow filler, glass, motor, wood, sand

Adeline de Monsegnat won the viewers price, unfortunately this image is not giving it the credit it deserves. In real, the furry balls are both beautiful and a bit frightening.

Johnny Briggs
Comfort Object
C-type Lambda prints individually mounted

Johnny Briggs, takes photographs reflecting on relationships, especially his relationship to his parents. They are haunting and touching at the same time.

Johnny Briggs
C-type Lambda print

Julia Vogl
Coloured carpet tiles, vinyl.

Julia Vogl was the winner of the award, I must admit I felt a bit cheated... It is a fun piece and has a great way of interacting with its audience, but seems a bit unfinished and rather simple compared to the other contestants work. 

Soheila and I

Still happy even if she did not win, but in my heart she did.

With Love


  1. Very sweet post!
    Love that pic of you two!


  2. Amazing! I understand what you mean about the fur balls being a bit frightening even, as I had that feeling when I saw them first. I like it though. The meringue and the Briggs piece are also intriguing. The emotion in the faces startles me to stop moving and look deep into the piece. I like that!! It's great you had such a time. Hope you are doing well!! xx

  3. Meringue? Really? Wow! And you look gorgeous lady!

  4. Article vraiment intéressant et qui nous montre des travaux innovants en matière d'art contemporain.
    Ce que réalise votre artiste protégée est passionnant!
    Ne pourrait-on pas voir d'autres travaux sue votre blog?
    Très long week-end, ici en France.
    Très cordial salut.

  5. This is amazing... They are so talented!!!