Saturday, January 30, 2010

AH, Jaah!... We are the revolution!


Walking into the Mary Boone Gallery the other day I started laughing, behind me i heard deep moans. Ahhhh, Jahhhhh... I just could not believe it, the receptionist is sitting there behind his computer moaning! Wow! Yeah! New York! I was thinking. But, quickly I found out it was a tape that the artist himself had made a long time ago for an exhibit. It did not make me stop giggling though, and set the tone for my viewing. Joseph Beuys the German born artist (1921-1986) is here being shown in an exhibit beautifully installed by the independent curator and art historian Dr. Pamela Kort. The artwork is privately owned and not for sale. "WE ARE THE REVOLUTION" the exhibit is called (Ah, Jaah) I am wondering... maybe he thought that it's actually him that is the Revolution?
"I AM THE REVOLUTION". In all his art pieces he has his name printed narcissistic on every piece like he is the Bible of knowledge and the originator of any craft. Now Joseph Beuys was a professor and had a lot of knowledge, but his play on fact and fiction was also part of his trademark.
The exhibit is only open until February 6th so hurry up. I don´t think it will ever be shown like this again. The viewing boxes was especially made for this show.

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