Monday, January 25, 2010

The Elephant!

I found the No 1 Issue of "The Elephant" at the Munich Airport of all places. It made me extremely curious that a new magazine is daring to pop up right now. Just, when a lot of my favorite magazines are sending me "full stop" notes in the mail. And you know what? they are actually looking for editors and contributors.

The editor Marc Valli (together with a handful of others) writes a great deal of this substantial magazine by himself. There is especially an in depth article about Sao Paulo with the title "Things you do in Sao Paulo when you are not dead" that I enjoyed, followed by interviews with imminent great artists living in the city.

One of the artists Pedro Inoue, that I found fascinating said:

There is a famous saying here that goes
"Too much candle burns the altar"
Excess creates unbalance. I am living in the land of the unbalanced.

Other than the Creative Cities section, the magazine is divided into Economies (create your own economy), Studio visits (Canvases, Papers, Screens), Research (Forecasts, Movements, Style) and Meetings (Ideas, Personalities, Cultures).

Thinking there is too few ideas in the creative sector, this new magazine has started with it´s idea of it´s own. I think it's an invigorating effort, and I wish The Elephant good luck on their daring adventure!

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