Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Today, is the opening of:

The Sperone Westwater Gallery

...And I am terribly excited.... This is the building my "Husband" has been pre-occupied with the last year as a Project Architect. Michael Wurzel works for Foster & Partners and is heading their New York office.
Last night he took this light test picture of the building, and I think it's absolutely stunning.
The Gallery is on Bowery next to the New Museum downtown. I think it will be marking a turn for Galleries to become more centrally located again. 

Today the opening of the Sperone Westwater Gallery, will be celebrated with works by Guillermo Kuitca, a fantastic Argentinian Artist. I can´t wait to tell you all about it tomorrow.

I, the drama Queen had to design a hat to honor the occasion (of course). Made by the fabulous Millinery Jill Courtemanche. She also did my wedding hat. Will post the wedding pictures next week.

First I will be wearing this:
A mini Top-Hat




  1. That building is so stunning...Well done to your hubby and I bet you will look amazing in your hat:)

  2. I love that building! Congrats to your husband!

  3. ok seriously?! the building is BEYOND! .. congrats to the hubs!!!! .. and SAY WHAT!!! - the HAT is EVEN BEYOND BEYOND! .. LOVES .. have FUNNNNNNN!!!!

    ps - if i EVER find that fashion diet, you'll be the first to know! .. if u ask me, it's a big ole myth, just like killing a praying mantis you'll go to jail (remember that?!) ..

  4. The building and hat are both FABULOUS! How exciting!!

  5. hi kristin!

    i can't wait to see your wedding pics! and hear a first hand account of the gallery opening from you !

  6. Oh, love the hat! It matches the building! You are going to be gorgeous as always, my dear! XX!

  7. you are so fun :) and that building is gorgeous, can't wait to hopefully see pics from the event!

  8. That hat is outta this world! I can't WAIT to see the wedding pics!

  9. I am a little slow here but just saw this.. what an amazing building!! Well done, talented Michael!! xxx