Monday, September 13, 2010


TYPOE in front of "Dope" 
Mixed media sculpture


Spinello Gallery
Miami, opening September 11th 2010

First I have to apologize for having kept silent about the Art world for so long, all due to my fabulous three day wedding... a wonderful dream really! 
Enough excuses said...:) and back to what this little spot in the Universe is all about: ART.

My "Husband" and I went to Miami for a few nights this weekend and there among lots of plastic, wonderful cocktails and the pool at the Delano we buzzed ourself out for the Art Walk. 
Touring the more "stuff in as much art as possible" art galleries we sighed in appreciation when we found the Spinello Gallery and my face turned into a grin. This is where all the interesting people in Miami are hanging out. I knew I would find them somewhere!

The solo exhibit of TYPOE is all black and white in the front room, the lemon slices for the drinks the only exception. The Gallery gladly pointed me to TYPOE, who was the sweetest guy in the middle of the dark art that he has created and posed friendly for a picture, although not without his signature scarf.

(insert) "Surgeon General" 2010
Power Icon, 2010

TYPOE a "World" famous street artist is presented with these words in the press release:

"Cast between worlds of opposing values, at once an anonymous prestidigitator and high-ranking glitterati, TYPOE straddles an unseen fence.  His handiwork, which swaths billboards, public arenas and buildings literally rotting with neglect, has expanded from the crumbling edifice of a cultural misnomer into the social spotlight......"BANG BANG" is where these fetishistic, narcissistic articles resonate with devastating potential and beget insurgent thoughts"

"Confetti Death" 2010

(insert) Confetti Death

There we are with a great "BANG BANG" starting off the fall Art Scene.
So excited about all there is to see!

Love Kristin


  1. I love this, I feel like I was there!
    welcome back!

  2. Here we go again! Yippi! Nice read as always Kristin!

  3. Congrats,sweetie...I was thinking about you this last weekend...How was everything...? I hope you will post a few photos...I cant wait:)...Thank you for lovely and so sweet comment:)...Welcome back..

  4. Congratulations on your wedding!
    Sounds like you and hubby had a wonderful time in Miami. The art exhibit by Typoe is simply fascinating. WOW!!
    Glad you had a phenomenal wedding and glad you're back to art blogging. Great photos.

  5. Those guns are amazing! Kristen, I am so happy you got married! How exciting! Going back through your old posts now, last time I checked it was your hen weekend! XX!