Thursday, December 2, 2010


Big Gulp Lying, 2010

Lehmann Maupin Gallery

Lately I have been a lot more stressed about the move to London than I thought I would be. I am actually forgetting to breathe sometimes. I forget things, loose things... There are just so much I want to do, so much to experience and so much to plan. Tomorrow I am even flying to Miami for the day to witness the buzz of the Art Basel Miami Beach, and of course I am very excited.

But I am feeling somehow a bit like my head and upper torso is missing as in "Big Gulp Lying". At first when I saw this piece I hated it, it made me feel sick. How dare he make such an incriminating piece? A sculpture of the lower body with a whole for the.... How wrong was I? I have learned plenty times that the pieces that repulse me the most can in fact be doing it for a very good reason, it might have something to say, It might just be very new, It might just be incredibly good?

At a closer look the "Big gulp lying" is actually a sweater with feet sticking out. Absurd yes!

Mental Pink, 2007

Jakob/Big Psycho VII, 2010

After learning a bit more about Erwin Wurm I find out that he is known for being humorous.
Slowly, I am leaving my repulsed self behind and looking at the art from a different perspective. Finding out that this man is playing with me, with us and yes it is new and different.

Me under LSD, 2010

New York Police Cap, 2010

The Police cap is huge, is it to show us how the rules are controlling us?

Untitled, 2010

transitive verb
: to swallow hurriedly or greedily or in one swallow
: to keep back as if by swallowing <gulp down a sob>
: to take in readily as if by swallowing <gulp down knowledge>
intransitive verb
: to catch the breath as if in taking a long drink

With this I am trying to catch my breath and hope that I will not continue this day as headless and mindless as I have been "heading", find my lost iphone, and could I please just gulp down some more knowledge? I would like that.
With Love 


  1. Ahh- You lost your Iphone- man I would feel very scattered and upset!

    I like these and I like the name- the untitled one of the figure in the hoody particularly stands out for me- it arouses emotion that is universal-
    I also like Me Under LSD- a thick yellow glob-
    I hope you find your phone!
    BTW yes you could absolutely hire someone to clean your vents which may help you breath- but in light of your imminent move and the unavoidability of the feels you are presently experiencing I would just practice acceptance- buckle your seat belt it is going to be a bumpy ride-
    All the best lovely lady!

  2. I do love how you came around to the piece and also how you described some of the rest of these pieces :) I always went a bit nuts right before another move-of-the-season to London, and this was with having an apartment there and all! (I had to sublet me US place to someone etc) So totally understandable that it would be a rattling thing, sending good wishes and thoughts!

  3. awww just remember to slow down and breathe!! and oh my gosh - the sweater thing, I think I need some time to get used to it :)

  4. I read about him not long ago and after that I looked at all his pieces in a different way...I love them!
    Just remember to breath and relax a bit...Everything will be just fine!
    Btw: its snowing in Englnad today...I just spoke with my mom and she said that its white everywhere:)

    Kisses, darling

  5. Really interesting work!

    Love your new profile pic!


  6. Good advice, above. Slow down just when you feel most like speeding up. And it's going to be fabulous, once you've made the move.

  7. Fabulous art. Best of luck with the move.

  8. this is interesting!! all the best there =D

  9. Hope the day is getting better Kristin!

  10. I didn't know about him
    and really he is very intriguing,
    Thanks for showing, Kristin!
    have a happy weekend

  11. Interesting work, very intriguing.

  12. How unique and interesting is this work? Never seen anything like it! :)SarahD

  13. good luck with the move! such unique pieces, love the hoodie :)


  14. ahhh your prada bag story killed me!

  15. Den første skulpturen er litt absurd ja!
    Men jeg digger digger digger den bollen som er formet som en bukse og sko, helt rå :)

    Og så spennende at du skal flytte til London!

  16. Hang in there lady. Before you know it, you'll be settled in your new home...the stresses of moving behind you!