Monday, February 14, 2011

The Old Sweet Shop

Southfields (London)

It is Valentines Day! A day when we should enjoy and treasure those that are close to us!

My Friend Joe Madeira has his own little Limited Edition Print Gallery in the Southfields (Close to Wimbledon).
An adorable spot that creates an environment that we all would like to have around us.
On the first floor is the Gallery, in the back Joe has his own studio. Upstairs other artists and Graphic designers rents their own desk space and together they have their own little community.

Wall Art by

Photography by Joe Madeira

Limited edition Graphic Prints
by Paul Farrell

The Shop

Happy Valentines Day!
Must it be good

With Love


  1. Så godt med et slik sted i nærheten,<3

  2. I'm lovin that shop! It looks so cool/well put together, and I love those Farrell prints, those are awesome :)

  3. i love his use of color!

    Hope Putney is treating you well. We were going to go in June and that may wait until the fall!

  4. Those are lovely print and what a fantastic shop- I love and support people who have shops like this! AND people who promote them- Go Kristin!

  5. A fantastic gallery space! It must be so inspiring to be among the creativity.
    Happy Valentine's Day Kristin-- I hope you and your Sweetheart had a good one.

  6. That looks like such a cool place and the art work is beautiful:) Happy Tuesday, my dear

  7. Those graphic prints are awesome! How are you liking the new home lady?