Monday, February 21, 2011

Single form

Royal Academy of Arts

From what I have seen so far in London The Modern British Sculpture show at the Royal Academy of Arts is my favorite. So if you are visiting London before the 7th of April, this should be on your must do list!

Here I have tried to be an undercover photographer again and my luck only lasted for two pictures before I got discovered.  Fortunately, I captured the stunning "Pelagos" sculpture by Barbara Hepworth.
She has been a darling of the British art world and together with Henry Moore they represented the face of British sculptures in the 50's. Soon there will open a Gallery to honor Hepworh in Wakefield and the architect behind this exciting new space is David Chipperfield. 

Barbara Hepworth (1903-1975)
Pelagos 1946
part-painted wood and strings

Barbara Hepworth
 Single form (Memorial 1961/62)

"Single Form" is after what I understand a copy of the one that was commissioned by the United Nations to commemorate the premature death in 1961 of its Secretary-General Dag Hammarskjold. The original is located at the UN Plaza in New York.

The show contains work from artists like Jacob Epstein...Henry Moore... Anthony Caro to more contemporary Artists like Jeff Koons and Damien Hirst.
Damien Hirst with his work "Let's eat outdoors today". Whatever you feel about Hirst, one cannot forget that he is a master of penetrating your brain. Here with a hermetic box showing an abandoned Barbecue engulfed in flies and filth.

Damien Hirst 
"Let's Eat Outdoors Today" 1990/91
(Photographer unknown)

Since I was stopped during my sneak photographing... I will end here and just show you another reason why going to the Royal Academy of Arts is a brilliant idea. The new Restaurant:

(The most fancy cauliflower soup ever, an artwork in itself.)

I will have to go back soon!

With Love 



  1. hi love - sorry haven't been here in awhile - i'm JEAL u got to go there!

  2. Amazing sculptures!
    Yummy dinner too!
    Loving this post :)


  3. That Pelagos 1946 sculpture is so amazing. Glad you are having fun in England and that soup totally looks like an art piece on its own:) I bet it was delicious:) Have a lovely day , sweetie

  4. i'm admiring your fancy cuisine and art lifestyle :)

  5. Lets eat outdoors today...haha, love it! That soup looks very delish. :)SarahD

  6. Blomkålsuppe! Den så fantastisk god ut.

  7. The meal would be enough to lure me to go. HAHA

  8. I love Damien Hirst... I even follow him on Twitter... haha!

  9. I LOVE that first sculpture- beautiful- very artistic soup- hope it was as good as it looks

  10. wow...Hirst's work seems very does the fancy soup! :)

  11. it's nice to see you're up to your usual shenanigans in the UK.

    hope life is treating you well there.