Monday, June 13, 2011


Pregnant 2 2004

Ishbel Myerschough
Flowers Gallery (Cork St.)
All photos © Flowers Gallery

There are something so simple and stunningly beautiful about Ishbel Myerschough´s painting series "Life". Yes, because it is portraying honestly and truthfully the way we are living. She is showing how we are growing through life by bearing us naked and by that touching the basic instincts in us all.

Two Pregnant Women 2004

Pregnant pair 2004

These petite pregnancy paintings hang behind the counter, don't be shy, ask if you can see them, they are the strongest of them all. They show quite intimate portraits of herself and her close friend the painter Chantal Joffe who exhibited at the Victoria Miro earlier this year.

Misery 2006

Sleeping 2006

Ishbel Myerschough has been a three time minor prize winner for the National Portrait Gallery's annual BP portrait Award commission. As a result she painted Dame Helen Mirren's portrait for their collection.

6 year old 2010

16 year old 2011

9 year old 2010

Lily 2010

41 year old 2011

Nadia 2007

To be a painter, a figurative painter and a portraitist to boot, might be considered as anachronistic as writing on vellum rather than on a laptop. Yet however often painting is pronounced dead, supposedly killed off by the ubiquity of photography, Ishbel Myerscough mines a fertile seam, embraced by other contemporaries such as Chantal Joffe and Jenny Saville, of intimate, truthful and, at times, uncomfortable paintings that reveal something of the inner world of her subjects. It was Oscar Wilde who perceptively observed that: ‘Every portrait that is painted with feeling is a portrait of the artist, not of the sitter’, and this must surely be considered the case with all successful modern figure painters from John Minton and Lucien Freud to Alice Neel. It is this disclosure, this frank dialogue of emotional exchange between artist and subject that colours Ishbel Myerscough’s work. 

         -Flowers Gallery
Little girls 2010

Little girls 2010

Big Girls 2010

Bedroom 2008

Should my portrait be painted again, I wish Ishbel Myerschough would do it, wouldn't you?

With Love 

I did my first Q&A for a Norwegian Magazine, RocknRolla here, where I will also write a monthly Art Column.


  1. Hello Kristin:
    We think that one might have to be quite strong to have a portrait painted by Ishbel Myerschough as she really does depict a 'warts and all' image. Stripped and true to life they are fascinating because of it.

  2. If there is anything inspiring, is this!
    PS: dont forget this giveaway end today.

  3. I like Ishbel Myerschough´s painting!!!
    thanks for sharing,

    A big hug,

  4. i LOVE chantal joffe. and the pregnancy series is gorgeous.

  5. i would prefer something more classical, but these are very striking.

  6. Hmm not sure what I think of this series.

  7. Simple and gritty - very interesting images!

  8. An art without concession and full of questions, at the same time terrifying and beautiful.

  9. Love hearing your different opinions!!! Thank you:) Yes, absolutely a bit terrifying, in a way Lucian Freud's paintings are.

  10. Hi Kristin, love them. What an interesting display of what comes across as simple and unpretentious art - when infact there's nothing simple and unpretentious about the amazing talent and the care and consideration that clearly transpire from this beautiful art. Thanks for sharing.
    Claudia xo

  11. very cool- i love the Lily one. you can just see how these people look/are in real life.

  12. i exactly thought of lucian freud as well, i would want him to paint my portrait, warts and all!

  13. Yay! Congrats on the monthly Art Column and the interview. I wish I could read it monthly. Truly beautiful series and the pregnancy paintings are my favourite. They show such a depth. Have a lovely Tuesday, sweetie

  14. wow those pregnancy photos are surreal- I can't imagine sticking out that much-

  15. Those preggers portraits are so very accurate...I remember it all too well!

  16. Love the nude on the couch!


  17. These pictures just have so much life and energy behind them, its breath taking.

    - Mordrian

  18. Interesting work.
    I particulary love "Nadia" and "Big Girls"...


  19. wow this is a discovery for me. amazing work. Amazing paintings.Amazing talent. Especially Misery and Little Girls