Thursday, June 2, 2011

The formidable matrix of tropical nature

(All photos ©Galerie Daniel Templon)

Galerie Daniel Templon

On Saturday I ran around in the Marais district in Paris... yes, nearly ran! Knowing that all the galleries would be closed on Sunday and Monday, I had to hurry to see as much as possible. Most of the galleries in this area are located behind and around the Pompidou Center. The Marais district is also pulsating with cafe's and small boutique shops. One boutique that I fell in love with was Valentine Gauthier's, where I could not help but spend an hour trying on dresses and talking with the lovely couple (Valentine and her husband) and their cute little active son. But out I again "ran" to catch the other galleries before they closed. Here I will show you the exhibit that caught my attention the most. TUNGA at Galerie Daniel Templon.

TUNGA, was first an architect but now he seems more like the "mad" scientist. He plays with alchemy, literary analogies, video art (So strong that I could not watch it...) sculptures and puppets. His unique exhibit made my heart kick an extra beat... yes to more of this! Fun, lively, smart and eye opening. This artist is on his own special track, and here is a beat for you to follow:

Bijou de Mme Sade

Boneco de Pedra

Tunga has set up a series of installations that are "mutually contagious", to use his own words. A large iron gate supporting a colossal boom welcomes the viewer, as though on the threshold of some strange ritual. A group of marionettes, made of the artist's characteristic materials- iron, bottle glass and crystal - question both the sculpture's precarious balancing act and its materiality. The use of pearls, sponge and amber gives the dolls an astonishing sensuality. The little troupe is offset by a group of iron containers housing new organic and mineral treasures such as resin, silicon and steel. "The formidable matrix of tropical nature" takes over the gallery's space. Lying somewhere between order and chaos, the journey around the gallery focuses on the relationships between these structures in metamorphosis. held together within the same magnetic force. 
                  -Galerie Daniel Templon

Boneco de Tipiti


Portal com muca

Steel pod

Boneco de esponjas

Tunga continues the Beat's in Rio de Janeiro.



  1. question, i'm going to paris next week - if you had to choose one gallery to go to which would it be??

  2. He is a bit of a mad scientist, in a very good way!

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  3. I love the little filled vessels - so unusual. Love it!

  4. gosh, do wonders ever cease?! certainly not on your wonderfully artistic space, that's for sure. what a rad and crazy selection you've spotted. good for you on picking up the pace lades, we got to see the goods from your move about town and it's most appreciated! ♥

  5. Thanks for your visit!

    Perusing your blog made me promise myself to get my bum in gear and go see more art!

  6. I really love all the artwork that you show here. Thank you! these are so unique!

  7. Why couldn't I have been born with that kind of creativity?

  8. Wow! Tunga is an amazing person. Garrafa has to be my favourite piece from this exhibit :)SarahD

  9. Hi Kristin, this is so amazing...thanks for sharing :))

  10. i loved the "Garrafa"..i hope you had a lovely time in Paris Kristin.

  11. I love the "estojo" series: steel frames filled with black minerals and hanging colorful crystal glasses.
    I like the fact that these dolls seem to be dancing :)

  12. Tips for Paris;

    I would say the Anish Kapoor at the Grand Palais is the hottest event right now, but make sure you get tickets in advance so you don´t have to stand in the long line.

    If you go to the Pompidou center then I would recommend the Tunga exhibit. The Daniel Templon Galerie is close by. Across the street they also have another exhibit with Suddarshan Shetty that is quite exciting as well.
    Others would be: Antony Gormley at the Galerie thaddaeus ropac and Elizabeth Peyton at the Gagosian (they just opened in Paris). Bharti Kher at the Galerie Perrotin.

    Let me know which one you will pick:)

  13. this work really looks like my kind of thing, a bit mad and plays of the senses, makes you say" oh right yeah, wow!". will check out further, wicked post.

  14. THANK YOU!!! for all of the exhibit recommendations :) :) I will research them this week!