Friday, September 14, 2012


2nd of August - 1st of September

Amir Chasson
Gorka Mohamed
Haroun Haward
Soheila Sokhenvari

With the gallery open I have little time to write on the blog, but I thought that at least I should keep it going with posts about the exhibits that I am having at ArtEco Gallery.

MANMADEGOD started with me contacting Soheila as one of the first that I told that I am planing to open a gallery. Energetic as Soheila is, it did not take long for her to say she wants to do an exhibit with 3 other artists, Haroun, Gorka and Amir that she was thinking highly about, and that perhaps we then could do it at my gallery.
Soon enough we all 5 were sitting at Tate Modern drinking beer until closing and the exhibit began to take shape.
6 months later the exhibit opened and now I think that we will all stay friends for a long long time and the exhibit was a big WOW! And a great success for my Gallery.

Here are a few images of the exhibit, enjoy:

Haroun Haward
"The Narcissism of small differenced"
(Acid house version)

Soheila Sokhanvari
from the "Midnight Climax" series

Amir Chasson
"A whiff of Evidence"

Amir Chasson
"Nazis and Astronauts"

Gorka Mohamed

Great memories!

With Love