Sunday, March 28, 2010

Sun Come Up!

Sun Come Up from Jennifer Redfearn on Vimeo.

I met Jennifer one winter day in New York when we were both trying to find out if we could have a "normal" job. She immediately made me like her with her warmth and her smiles.  
We were taking Real Estate classes. I actually went on working as a Real Estate Agent for a couple of years, but luckily Jennifer followed her dream and continued on her mission. 
Jennifer has a background in Environmental and Research science and a Master in Journalism, she recently produced a Nova Documentary for Discovery and now;
Jennifer Redfearn

A beautiful and important movie about climate changes and the Carteret Islanders that needs to be relocated. These people are some of the first climate refugees, and probably not the last.....
The movie is premiering at the Full Frame Festival Thursday the 8th.
A real ArtEco film:)
Good Luck!

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