Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Mengele Zoo

This is THE book that inspired me to do this blog! "Mengele Zoo" by Gert Nygaardshaug an extremely captivating ECO novel! I think it has been translated to English but impossible to find. Bring this book out to the public! Nils Gaup´s film version will probably help with that. Since it was written before 9/11 I think Nygaardshaug was in a position to write about terrorists in a more heroic way than anybody would dare to do now. We follow Mino a butterfly catcher from a small tropical forest village in South America, a boy horrified by the destruction that powerful people do to the nature for their own selfish reasons. Starting out with the rage of having his family killed he sets out to revenge anybody who dares to destroy the rainforest. First Mino survives as a Magician and then he turns into an Environmental fighting terrorist. A handsome Che Guevara type. The interesting thing is that during the whole book you intensely want him to succeed with his attacks. I am closer to a pacifist than a warrior and usually not very found of crime novels but I think this "intensity" that is being described here is what we need (without the deaths..:) to save this wonderful planet. The rain forrest should be first priority!

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  1. Skulle nesten kjøpe en haug å gi bort til ALLE man kjenner: )