Friday, July 15, 2011

Goldsmith Postgraduate Exhibition 2011

University of London
Department of Art Postgraduate  Exhibition

This weekend the prestigious Goldsmith University is holding its Postgraduate Exhibition. In the past a lot of the Artists that has graduated from here has turned into big names. These days they do get picked up directly from their graduation shows (sometimes perhaps even earlier) to be presented at Galleries, "The Goldsmith effect" it has been named. Saatchi is one who is famous for spotting them early. Artists that has gone here are among others: Anthony Gormly, Damien Hirst, Lucian Freud, Sarah Lucas, Marcus Harvey, Tracey Emin, Michael Landy etc. 

The opening last night had been packed and buzzing. I ended up going there today instead, and it was calm as after a storm (with redundant beer bottles placed around the space and few students...).

The first part of the exhibition is inside a large gorgeous but run down building that was formerly a Bath. Here the students share "cubicle" spaces in threes, where they work on their art and studies (after what I understood). 

Here comes a few glimpses of what I viewed today:

Elsa Margues
Las Deilicias

Luna Jung-eun Lee
Untitled (from Beam series)
Pencil and gloss paint on aluminium

Lisa Selby
unfired porcelain and mixed media

Lee Leane

Interesting with this exhibit is also how professional these students are. Business cards with their information and web sites is available at nearly every cubicle. Some even had beautiful catalogues made.

Noam Edry

Eun Hye Shim

Jihyun Jeong

Radihika Agarwala
(Series from "The Indian Summer Delight)
Watercolour, oil and gold leaf on panel.

Radihika Agarwala
(Series from "The Indian Summer Delight)
Watercolour, oil and gold leaf on panel.

These two paintings by Radihika Agarwala are stunning.

Megan Romey

Megan Romey
Modern Bitch Sculpture

Lots of humor in this piece, with the wigs in the mirror.

Hirofumi Isoya
Ideas of Ignorance

(Close-up of detail) Ideas and Ignorance

This piece does better when you see it in reality, quite a jewel.

The Second building is contemporary and you have a complete different feeling when you walk into these bright rooms with a fabulous view. I was thinking to myself, wonder how they divide who is going to be where in which buildings...

Nicholas Wootton

A video installation where you see yourself...

E.H. Cocker
The Duel

E.H. Cocker
The Theft

Not sure about the artist here, but you can have a sense of the space.
(if you know, send me a hint)

Francis Hilhorst

Soheda Sokhanvari
The Shah of Iran October 1973

Soheila Sokhanvari
Moje Sabz June 2009 (2011)

Hans Diernberger

Put in the floor of a room was this video screen with a trampoline jumper. I thought the piece was quite inventive, it also felt calming somehow to sit and watch it.

Ji Hye Yeom
Portrait project
A mysterious adventurer´s face

Ting-Tong Chang
Free Range 2011

We stood there for a while expectantly to see his complicated machine shoot out eggs... but unfortunately Ting Tong said it would take the whole morning for him to fix it.

The Exhibition is only up until Monday, so you better hurry to catch it.

Have a wonderful weekend
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  1. it's amazing what these people can make... i love those lighted ones... have a nice one!

  2. Unique projects ~ wow!

    Happy weekend, darling!


  3. The work looks very interesting. Thanks for bringing it to our attention.

  4. Very imaginative artwork thanks for sharing but I bet seeing it for real is better!

  5. I love the "Ideas of Ignorance" one! Looks very pretty and inspiring!

  6. Wow! This looks like an amazing exhibit! Would love to see the trampoline video!

  7. Pretty interesting stuff and some of the paintings are amazing. Have a lovely weekend xo

  8. wow great images some beautiful paintings what a fabulous place it would be to visit

  9. what an interesting collection of projects! i like the smoke piece.

  10. The Lisa Selby appeals to me - I would like to own this piece. The Lee Leane fascinates me. I am drawn by its simplicity and profundidty. I love the 'tangled web' effects of Eun Hye Shim and the 'cave painting' feel of Radhika Agarwalas's second piece. I wish that I could view 'Ideas and Ignorance' as one has to be a 'part' of an installation to really appreciate the concept. Nicholas Whootton's work is surreal. I feel surreal just viewing it on this post.

    I appreciate the time and effort you have taken to share with us the Goldsmith Postgraduate Exhibition', which I would not otherwise see.
    Thank you!

  11. Ooh quite a few interesting pieces!

    How was the cake pops class?

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  12. that one looks SO interesting and fun...lots of variety. and i haven't read paradise lost yet but it's on my list...seems interesting to read lately :)


  14. Guess which one I thought was Larry King? Hahaha!

  15. Toujours de très belles découvertes sur votre blog Kristin !
    A en perdre la tête dans ce parcours artistique !
    Ciao !

  16. Nous ouvrons grand les yeux à votre si intéressante information, great Kristin !

  17. Incredible how creative people are and this one sounds so interesting. Hope you are having a beautiful day, sweetie...Its a bit coolish and rainy here today.

  18. Kristin! I actually thought it was Larry King first as well:)