Thursday, February 17, 2011

Wallpaper Characters

Cindy Sherman
Spruth Magers Gallery (London)

What is more appropriate than a Wallpaper Art Show in London? The home of wallpaper (at least in my mind). Cindy Sherman, one of the most successful female artists at the moment can afford to play and take chances. She is famous for using herself in a lot of work, but the photography does not usually represent her, but more a character she portrays. By costumes, wigs and expressions she becomes another person, admirably done without the effects of make-up.

"The various personas animating this new body of work were created as shrines to nondescript, eccentric characters who might also be seen to denote sentries, guarding the entrance to some fabled land, casting ambiguous and disconcerting glances at the viewer."
         Spruth Magers

At the Spruth Magers the Cindy Sherman photographic murals, which are all untitled pigment print on phototex adhesive, fabric, is covering all the walls in the two rooms of the Gallery Space. 

Entertained, I asked about how this can be accumulated by a collector? and was told that after the show is over this will be destroyed. But should I wish to buy it, an edition of the work could be installed in the space that I would want it, entailing that every installation will be unique.

For the New Yorkers, there will be a Cindy Sherman solo exhibit coming up at MoMA the 26th of February until 4th of June next year, should be exciting!

With Love


  1. Really quite repulsive. I guess if it illicit's a response it is doing it's job but I would not want that hanging in my house.

  2. Very cool work. Will have to check her out at MoMA!


  3. Not an illicit response! I love reactions.... one way or the other! It is good to be allowed to FEEL!

  4. these are so bizarre...but quite interesting. I'm not sure where it here, haha :)

  5. They are really interesting and totally creative. Hope you are having a lovely week, sweetie. How do you like England so far?

  6. This is really interesting...but certainly not something most would want to paste on their living room walls I guess hehe

  7. Hello Kristin!!! long time without coming here!! I was out for holidays to Peru and Ecuator! a wonderfull trip!!!
    Its great to enter Art Eco and seeing a post on Cindy Sherman!!! a photographer i truly admire!!!
    Hope London is treating u well!!!