Friday, February 11, 2011

The word made Flesh

Mask x, 1982

John Stezaker
Whitechapel Gallery

So far the London Art world has presented me with lots of collages and vintage postcards. When I went to the Whitechapel Gallery today and viewed these poetic compositions I got so excited that I hurried home to share them with you.... as a continuation from my last post.

"I love that moment of discovery, when something appears out of the ground of its disappearance: the anonymous space of circulation, where images remain unseen and overlooked."
     John Stezaker

Mask xxxv, 2007

Jean Stezaker's psychological twists gives you the pleasure of a double meaning with each and every one of the objects. You put yourself into the sub consciousness of the protagonist in the picture and continue into their dreamland.

Bridge (B) I, 2007

A brilliant interpretation of a father son relationship, the closeness and the distance.

Mask, IV, 2005

I will let you interpret this one...

Pair I, 2007

This picture makes me think of love as a beautiful garden we grow together, wild, harmonious and connected.

Sonata, 2009

Who has not fallen into a dreamland of nature when you've heard the harmony of a piece of classical music?

Negotiable space I, 1978

Freudianism at its peak.

The Word Made Flesh, 1978

"The word was made flesh and dwelt among us."
     John 1. Verse 14. (King James Bible)

Untitled, 1989-90

This collage makes me think of my favorite Hitchcock movie "The Birds" and also brings me to how I would like to see my own headspace....As a little lighthouse....

Hope you enjoyed the adventure
With Love


  1. these are so very neat!! i had never heard/seen them before

  2. very nice- that cave face one creeps me out a little bit!

  3. What a fantastic concept! These images really speak and I enjoyed your interpretations. Lovely.

  4. After seeing your post I have rejoiced! It's really great to learn that there are artists in this world with brains as intriguing as my own! hehe!
    Thanks Kristin!
    Always enjoy your blog, it's a daily read for me :))