Monday, March 28, 2011


Beast (2008)
Watercolor on paper 61x46cm

Art First Projects

It is Monday and I am swamped by all the blogs I crave to write. Info from all the fantastic exhibits I have seen lately is piling up on my desk, growing like a little Beast on it's own...

Among other openings on Thursday I went to the private opening at the Art First Projects, I sort of invited myself in and they were kind enough to welcome me. 

Helena Goldwater's obscure small watercolor paintings that is hanging downstairs in the Gallery pulled me in. Looking at their neat details and precision, they have an initial depth that made me think of doomsday flowers. 

Closed Order 2 (2010)

Bouffant (2008) 
41 x 31cm, water colour on paper

At first glance Helena Goldwater’s paintings are delicate but intense watercolours of plant forms. Their attention to detail appears to record nature as a perfectly evolved endeavour. On closer reading however, they reveal hybridised forms, that begin to question truthful representations of the natural order, and in doing so present unidentifiable, biomorphic forms that inhabit in-between states of being. A sinister quality, or something rather humorous emerges, underpinned by the titles. This combination of qualities invites the viewer to experience a degree of discomfort, disrupted by pleasure.
Goldwater has been making performance art since 1989, and paintings since 2003, and in her paintings a concern with the performative is evident. Her watercolours reveal a dedication to the time consuming process of careful, almost obsessive depiction and conceptual exploration, that in themselves can be read as a ‘performance’ on paper. In both her practices she expresses a devotion to craft, utilizing water and paint as alchemical materials. Her performances, which often last many hours, echo her paintings, which take months to make, developing over time to inhabit something ‘other’ than the human realm.
     -Art First Project

Jaunty (2006)

The Three Disgraces (2010)

Fleshy parts (2009)

Closed order 3 (2010)

Hairy 1 (2006)

There is power in turning a subject we consider as beautiful into a grotesque reminder of our hybrid antennas. They looks slightly alive and carnivorous, don't you think?

With Love


  1. Thank you, Kristin, for looking at my blog, I consider that quite an honor! How fun it will be to become a follower of you! and gently bash ideas about, sometimes, I hope actually getting uncomfortable!

  2. Hello sugar, I find your blog to be a bit sweet and rather special. Well, thanks for letting me have a sneaky peak, happy blogging, and have fun being wonderful x x

  3. those are definitely the most interesting flower paintings i have seen!

  4. It does look a bit alive and the Jaunty one looks incredible. Hope you had a great weekend, darling
    Happy Monday

  5. Jaunty is definitely my favorite, I would hang it in my bathroom to boast myself each morning:)

  6. Beautiful
    thank you for sharing:)

  7. What interesting paintings. They all remind me of something I could find in the ocean (for better or worse, ha!)

  8. I love how Goldwater has turned realism on end. To think she does this with watercolor is remarkable, the talent and dedication. And then she brings her artistic eye and makes the viewer think. Wonderful stuff!
    Sounds like you are living an art dream!

  9. I find these comforting in a way that only nature could be- weird looking but so reminiscent of nature.

  10. Those watercolour paintings are great. Gotta love the beast, if only for the title. :)SArahD

  11. Hello Kristin! Thanks for visit my blog! And now I enjoy yours arts posts!!!!!Please, have you traslater ? Un beso! Gloria.

  12. I don't know about alive, but I think these are GORGEOUS. Especially "Jaunty"!

    So glad you share such beautiful work. ♥

  13. this is interesting :) haven't seen anything like this before.

    thank you for sharing.

  14. Translater would be great! Anybody knows how I can get one.

    By the way I have the first 100 FOLLOWERS ON my blog.
    (228 and 116 on Facebook)... BUT THIS MAKES ME CELEBRATE!!
    Out to see an exhibit about Dirt and History! Should be interesting.
    Have a fab day:)

  15. love reading your described this painter's work so great. Jaunty is so beautiful

  16. Thanks for your visit and the beautiful discoveries : the paintings and... your blog!

  17. These works of art have an eery detailed quality.Fantasy meets reality, quite fabulous...

  18. these are great thought they are a bit creepy... ha!

  19. these remind me of those african jungle plants that can devour humans beings and animals...

    Lacuna's been resting patiently on my bedside table this past week as i finish up all my pending taking a couple of days off in April and hopefully start it then :))