Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Girl with Hair 2007

Louise Bourgeouis
Suites on Fabric
Marlborough Fine Art, London
All photos ©Marlborough Fine Art

"The older an artist gets the more the exhibition maker has to be on guard against mounting an apotheosis, which by implication suggests that the artist's work is complete and that the audience is merely in attendance at the public celebration of fulfilled promise. Good artists always have more work to do, great ones spring surprises.... Wisely, none of the shows has been predicated on the idea that Bourgeois was summing up, heading in a predictable direction, or ready to rest on her laurels. By virtue of her extraordinarily protean old age, she, more than anyone, has insisted that her shows be open-ended."
    "What makes a great exhibition" Robert Storr *essay "Show and Tell"

This is also why her work keeps living and will continue to do so far into our Art history. Louise Bourgeouis kept re-inventing herself until her last days and in her late 90's showing a liberated sexual self. It keeps surprising me how she could be so free and open minded at an age where as far as I know people start closing up and sheltering themselves. Not Louise Bourgeouis she is showing birth, pregnancy, sex, blood, beauty and love. Right now she has reincarnated herself with a new solo exhibition at the Marlborough Fine Art Gallery (London)

From the Fragile Series (2007)

The Fragile series is a commentary on love, delicate and evanescent compared with the drama of the woman artist's struggles with nature. Here the child speaks tracing the maternal form again and again- drawing Mummy the dextrous spider who spins and weaves. These are a child's perceptions of the primary image of its parent, yet their knowledge is the mother's knowledge too, her knowledge of her own body as an unstable form. Resolution is sought in these fused perceptions: Perhaps the artist herself can, through her child, return to the childlike state of freedom and creativity. And she remains after all, a daughter: the spider......
            Marlborough Gallery

Was that Louise Borgeouis's secret? To keep the fluctuation between child and mother and child again, a constant flow of fresh energy and stimulations?

From the Self Portrait series (2009)

Ode A La Bievre (2007)

The Family (2007)

From the Cross-eyed Women series (2004)

Screen print on vintage cloth (2006)

By leaving you to the child-mother-child cyclus, I hope that we also can find it in us to 
keep going until we are past 90... and still be as inspired as ever. 

The open-ended Louise Borgeouis posts will continue - I am sure!

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  1. This is so interesting, I appreciate art in all its forms. Thank you!

  2. "Interesting" was what I was going to say too :-) Very diverse and I would need a closer look to really appreciate it all. Thanks for sharing xo

  3. The creative spirit always takes me places that I have never discovered belfore ... love!

    ♥ Cat brideblu

  4. Love love love LB!!!! xoxo

  5. The great Louise Bourgeois, really !
    One of the most important artist of this century...
    I saw two exhibitions, Beaubourg et Bordeaux...fantastique et impressionnant au possible. Un de mes peintres favoris.
    Bravo pour la mise en ligne de cet événement.
    A plus.

  6. Great philosophy - never be unafraid to reinvent yourself!

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  7. love the meaning behind these artworks!


  8. don't like this trend in modern art to make little-kid drawings and pretend it's artistic somehow.

  9. i looove that ode a la bievre piece!

  10. the cyclus is really interseting/thought provoking!

  11. beautiful pieces of art! I love the red woman.....just followed your blog! Great work :)

    mordrian xo