Monday, October 4, 2010

AAF Fall 2010

Francisca Ahlers
El Salon
Charcoal, Chinese ink on canvas
Size: 51x52 inches
Villa del Arte Galleries (Barcelona)


On Friday we had a chance to visit the Affordable Art Fair. It was fun to walk among the booths and see what is going on and actually consider to buy an Art piece.
The Francisca Ahlers was our ultimate favorite, hard to see here, how precious this piece is. Intricate with it's whimsical drawing technique. Overhearing others stopping up and saying as well "Oh, this one I could look at for hours". The Gallerist had already the first day sold two of her pieces and said that the young Chilien artist Ahlers has already won a prestigious Spanish award.

Linda Lieberman
Backbone 01 2010
Silver Gelatin Photograph (25 editions)
30" x 24"
Alicia David Contemporary Art (London)

This photo, was also voted one of Artinfo's favorites. I enjoyed the cleverness of the combination of "Shapes".

Kamol Akhunov
"Earth Leak"
(Here the artist in front of his piece)
Emmanuel Fremin Gallery (New York)

This was the ECO element of the fair. And as Kamol Akhunov the artist said "This piece is in constant evolution". This Earth installation will continue to leak to prove to us what an impact it has from us and on us.

Jordan Eagles
Blood preserved on Plexiglas, UV resin
Krause Gallery (New York)

Slightly creepy this piece after I realized it was made with real blood. But his work made a strong impression, so repulsed or not I thought I should add a piece of his to show.

Fiona Morley
"Layered Crowd"
wire & emulsion on canvas
Woolff Gallery (London)

This piece must be seen up close, the wires are added as reflections on the drawing underneath.
Somehow it made me think of a lot of intellectuals meeting up to have a Gin and tonic and chat about literature. But, this might just be because I know the Gallery is English?

Pamela Stretton
Supernude reclining
Archival inkjet photograph fragments
Mark Jason Gallery (London)

This large nude is pretty impressive, made with small little fragments that makes it look like a mosaic piece. Pamela Stretton creates a whole series of these, with legs and lips...

(Insert of the Pamela Stretton's supernude)

David Middlebrook
Bound and Determined
MACART (Miami)

I also want to show you this piece "Bound and Determined". The geniusness in it, is that it is standing on it's own by the "leather" looking straps.

After all the impressions, we moved ourselves down to Tribeca to the Terroir restaurant that has a perfect attitude of "Sit your ass down and let us make the decision for you" nicely written down on their menu. Something that suited us perfectly after all the impressions. Great to just enjoy a glass of bubbles, relax and not make any more decisions:)

With Love 


  1. i need to go to an affordable art show :)

  2. That is great! Is it really made of real blood? Wow!
    I love the Layered Crowd piece:)
    Happy Monday,sweetie

  3. Some nice works (I love the reclining figure) but I don't know about affordable! It's relative though, I suppose.

    No, not my house/bike. I'm the typical New Yorker. No vehicle and I've always lived in tiny apartments...

  4. These are such amazing pieces, I love the first one and the Layered Crowd one :) Thanks so much for dropping by, I'm thrilled it led me to your beautiful blog & I love meeting new bloggers!

  5. I love seeing all this art work. WOW! The backbone photograph was so erotic and it left me wondering if that was the artist's intention. (I suspect so.)
    Great stuff! Thanks for sharing your photos.

  6. love the affordable art show. the layered crowd and supernude are pretty awesome! especially the close up of the pieces on supernude! Always loved that kind of mosaic, so impressive!

    oh, and the feather, they didn't just take that, they took the whole card! boooo

  7. Oooh, affordable art, just my style! Love this! I love the supernude, too cool! XX!

  8. i loved the 'layered crowd' the most...also, 'earth leak' for it's thought provoking and inspiring quality!

  9. Hope you had fun- that sounds awesome & inspiring!

  10. I like to visit the V&A in London on Friday evenings between 9pm and 10pm. A glass of white wine first and then a quiet wander down the silent corridors of sculptures, images and objects...

  11. That Layered Crowd piece is way cool!

  12. Yay for art and bubbly!
    What a fab event!


  13. Pamela Strettons, how cool! And Fiona Morley
    "Layered Crowd" - Love this!