Monday, October 25, 2010


Jean Miotte
Insurrection, 1996 (insert)


Just hours after I had seen this exhibit at the Chelsea Art Museum, an interesting question came up in my"Art Market today" class (at NYU). 

There are about 5 new Art centers being built by star architects in Abu Dhabi: 

Zaha Hadid: Performing Art Center
Foster + Partners: Zayed National Museum
Tadao Ando: Maritime Museum
Jean Novel: The Desert Louvre
Frank O. Gehry: The Guggenheim

What will the Abu Dhabi museums collect and show?

These are enormous new institutions for Art, and they are expecting to be respected on the same level as other such museums around the world. Except for the Zayed National Museum, there will have to be a great deal of international art collected to fill these museums.

A conflict though that other museums do not have is: the Art cannot contain nudity, sexual, political or religious motives.Therefore the question, what will they show?

 Etreinte, 1959 (insert)

Will it collect a majority of Abstract art like this artist Jean Miotte?

Soledad, 1974

Now, I am not the one to run to see abstract art, it does not hold my strongest affection. Although I did favor the large canvases with their strong use of colors and powerful confident strokes that Jean Miotte creates.

“My painting is a projection, a succession of acute moments where creation occurs in the midst of spiritual tension as the result of inner conflicts. Painting is not a speculation of the mind or spirit, it’s a gesture from within.”

     - Jean Miotte (from his home page)

Dans l'absolu, 1991

But will the title "Insurrection" be a too political message for the Arab World?
Where will the limits be, and how will they make their decisions? Many other questions also comes up like; will they accept gay artists? Will Contemporary artists try to make art that can be sold "easier" to the Arab world?

It will be interesting to see what will happen. 
But, one thing for sure is that they want to be another Art Capital and the money will not only go to the fantastic buildings!


 Je, 1995

Can I make a bet with you?
Then I will bet that Abstract Art will have it´s renaissance in not too long!

With Love


  1. my friend had her first art showing this past weekend - reminds me of it!

    *kiss kiss*

    PS --> love for you to stop by and
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  2. I do love some abstract artists (I love these Miotte pieces!), but likewise don't run to see abstract art. Such a fascinating question about what these places will display...maybe they'll push the abstract renaissance :)

  3. I really like the 2nd to last one, actually!! I did make it to a museum this weekend...but a traffic one, haha...mark made me go!
    p.s. i saw your comment on diana's blog...'the unbearable lightness of being' is a movie??? i just read that book!

  4. It really will be interesting to see what will happen with it all...I think they might be very limited...Over the weekend we went to see collection of photos by Martin Munkacsi called Think while you shoot..It was very intereting...Totally recommend!

    Btw:I also love The Double life of Veronique:)

    Happy Monday

  5. These are really beautiful...

    Good luck w/ your pumpkin soup!

  6. Those are all very interesting questions! How stimulating- thank you for sharing and giving me something to think and talk about!

  7. Amazing work!
    Love the abstraction!


  8. That is really interesting re: their selection and your picks certainly make sense (the 2nd to last is so striking!) Perhaps impressionist works could be featured too since they portray simple snippets of everyday life.

    Thanks for stopping by, those custom puzzles are definitely adorable!

  9. i can appreciate this art because of the dynamism of the strokes and the colors... it's very powerful!

  10. Likte spesielt godt 4, 5 og 6, fengende.

  11. i have never been an ardent admirer of abstract art either...but of late i kind of prefer it for my house's walls.

  12. I agree, there are definitely other genres that could have been represented here and for sure impressionists.
    Thank you for your comments, I really appreciate it!!
    All the best:) Kristin

  13. I definitely don't have a huge appreciation for abstract art but this is really interesting.

  14. ...og oppstand, den er jo helt vakker, kommer stadig tilbake til denne siden, Miotte må utforskes!