Monday, October 18, 2010

Guerrilla Girls & Hannah Wilke

Hannah Wilke
Marxism and Art: Beware of Fascist Feminism

Contemporary Art From Their Collection

After my Art Auction classes at NYU Friday, I went by MoMA to see one of the installation they have going on. A Chronological path from their collection with a view on economics, politics, gender and ethnicity.

I ended up focusing on the feministic movement and their late 70´s and mid 80´s humoristic, dark and successfull attempt on reaching the world. Top is a screenprint on plexiglass by Hannah Wilke and below a selection from the Guerrilla Girls portfolio "Talk Back: The First Five Years".

The Guerilla Girls started this sort of "Be Aware" Campaign with posters, books, appearances and bilboards, after a few of the Women had been a part of a Survey about Artists at MoMA. Shocked at how few Women were represented they started the Guerilla Girls.

This poster focuses on the New York Galleries at the time, and reflects on how many Women they were showing over two years. Many of these Galleries still exists. 
Honestly and sadly I don´t think that these statistics are very far from the truth of 2010. 

The Guerrilla Girls does not see a reason to quit... this year they were handed the the "Courage Awards for the Arts" by Yoko Ono. Check out their web site here.

What do you think? Has the Art world changed? Do you think female Artists earn as much as men now?

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  1. I agree with you...I dont think it changed a lot since the old times....Sadly!
    I so would love to check this out:)
    Hope you had a lovely weekend,sweetie


  2. I love these kinds of exhibits (and love MoMA) - how wonderful it makes me think of something different and also woman's role in the art world, which still seems dominated (in very key roles) by men! (sadly)

    P.S. Sending you good wishes as you contemplate a potential new life chapter, posssibly in London! That city has been good to me, and challenging too, in many ways - I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you!

  3. I wish we had such museums where I live! :)SArahD

  4. Kristin- Another wonderful post of thought provoking art.
    Women are still second bananas BUT with thoughtful, educated people such as yourself, I have hope for the future.

  5. love it... graphic, thought provoking and shows some girl power!!! have a great week!!!

  6. im all for girl power! lovely thougt provoking exhibit!

  7. you are soooo lucky to live near great museums..
    ~ Village

  8. In 2001 Guerrilla Girls split into three new and independent groups. You can find Guerrilla Girls On Tour! here
    and also on our blog at

  9. Very cool exhibit!
    Sadly, women still only earn about 75 cents on the dollar compared to men...


  10. What a cool exhibit. I still don't think women are as up there with men, which is a horrible shame.

  11. We both know I'm not that knowledgeable when it comes to the art world...but I certainly hope that women are being appreciated as much as men in it!

  12. Let US try:)
    Interestingly I was just reading yesterday and realized there are Women behind two of our most beloved modern museums, The Whitney Museum (Gertrude Vanderbilt Whitney) and MoMA (Lillie Bliss, Mary Quinn Sullivan and Abby Aldrich Rockefeller).
    We need to be nicer to our own sex and also supportive, I think that is where it all comes from maybe? Help each other!