Monday, March 14, 2011

Affordable Art Fair-London 2011

Benjamin Buckley
XZWY, 2010
Giclee print


Going to the Affordable Art Fair in Battersea Park this weekend was such a treat. Already at the opening you were shown a room full of emerging artists, (recent graduates) curated by JOTTA. Jotta is founded in partnership with the University of the Arts London to inspire and enable collaboration in art and design.

I could not be more stunned by Benjamin Buckley's Japanese inspired pieces. What could be more timely than XZWY this week after what has happened in Japan?

Benjamin Buckley
Japan City Cloud, 2010

Steven Marshall
Enamel on glass and board
Mark Jason Gallery

Mark Jason from Mark Jason Gallery kindly organized tickets for us and as before I think his stand is very well put together. My girlfriend is still considering to buy this Steven Marshall piece.

Rafa Torre
Door A (of 3 doors... B and C)
Stand Arte Gallery


What a wonderful guy I was so glad he was there to talk to us about his pieces! How I wish him the best of luck in the world of Art!

Rafa Torre
Dioramma Mamma
Stand Arte Gallery

This is my favorite piece! A real ARTECO piece. I am thinking the Brain in association with mother Earth and how it should be sheltered and taken care of.
Rafa Torre said he has gotten many interpretations and one of them was "A cauliflower inside a Cheese board with a dome..." Oh, well we had a laugh. But, had I had the opportunity, I would have bought this photography tech immediately.

Ellen Bell
Parley Games, 2010
Four Square Fine Arts

Close up:
Text from Scrabble word Guide published by Hodder & Stoughton in 1974

A wonderful intimate piece, describing the differences and equalities between a Woman and a Man.

Clair Portington
James Freeman Gallery
Clair Portington

This precious and intricate sculpture is made by Clair Portington who also works with Earthenware at the V&A so she knows her craft. Kumiho is based on a Korean folk tale, where the Fox that lives a thousand years turns into a Kumiho, a beautiful girl set out to seduce men... and eat their liver!

Fiona Morley
Woolf Gallery

This piece was not shown exhibited but hidden in the back room and only brought out when I asked about the artist (I remember them showing her work in New York). He said he was hiding it since she had just had a baby and he was worried she would not produce anything for a while. When we left he packed it up again and hid it. So it is true! That it is good to have a dealer because sometimes the best things are hidden for the right collector to come along.

Josh Chalon
Woolf Gallery

Another piece at the fun Woolf Gallery. This one is quite brilliant, at first you only see hanging threads and you wonder what it is all about. I took a picture and this is what came out. I got so excited that others started mingling around the piece as well.

Mo Hongie
Village in Menlian Country, Yunnan

I am realizing that there is a great trend in art to mix journalistic pictures with art. This is a wonderful description of a family.

Billy & Hells
Orren Gallery

Nick Bodimeade's
St. Anne's Gallery

Momoko Suzuki
Drawing Installation

Momoko Suzuki action

Momoko Suzuki, does performative drawings. She said she had not had time to finish enough pieces for the fair so she kept working on it here. With her incredible charm and intense work I believe we will see a lot more of her in the future.

Kathy Mueller-Moser
Wanrooij Fine Art

And yes I felt it... "Everything under Control". This Art Fair had a a lot of Humor and a also a great Champagne bar so life is not bad at all... no not bad at all!


With Love


  1. That looks and sounds like a great art fair. There are so many amazing pieces here. I love the "Hulnan" and the text from Scrabble word Guide piece is so amazing too! But my favourite is the door A!
    Have a lovely Monday, darling

    Ps: How fantastic that you run every other day:) Love that!

  2. What a cool art fair! I like Steven Marshall's work (was looking at a piece online with a cool group standing together and this kinda reminded me of that).

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  3. love dioramma mamma....can't beat that and a great champagne bar.

    it is still cold-ish in NYC. i won't be letting my legs out for quite some time....

  4. haha allright thanks for helping me out ;) stupid me ;)



  5. champagne bars...THAT'S why you go to so many art shows ;)

  6. Haha Krystal! Champagne availability does not hurt:)

  7. You are on a roll Kristin! I love all of the photos and words. What a privilege to view these here on your blog.
    All of these pieces had such power. Humor can really pack a punch too. I love the piece by Fiona Morley and was intrigued by the performance drawing. Only an artist could reconcile such work.

  8. Gorgeous selections!
    Especially loving that piece with the spools of thread!


  9. This art fair is really fantastic!
    Answering your question about the chair in my post, it's a NK Modernist “T” Chair and you can find it here:
    Have a great week.

  10. i love the ones at the top and the girl under control... very cool pieces!!!

  11. WOW- what amazing art work- I love it ALL- the ribbon one is really neat and I love the under control sculpture- I'm going to look at these again now- thanks for sharing- I just go that excited feeling I get when I see amazing art

  12. So awesome! Thanks for sharing!

  13. I love the Ellen Bell piece...very cool.

  14. lovely works of art! i especially love it when there is a meaning, moral behind a piece of art. and also when an artist thinks outside the box and uses various mediums to create his work.

  15. I just adore that 1st piece of work. It's stunning. :)SArahD

  16. Thank you all for the nice comments, always fun to hear what you like. This was a really quality rewarding fair.

  17. Glad you could make it to the Affordable Art Fair!

    Read jotta's interview with DEVOUR exhibitor Ben Buckley:

  18. That Ellen Bell piece is uber cool!

  19. Thank you Jotta for the article about Ben Buckley, I can't wait to see more from this artist hopefully soon.