Thursday, March 10, 2011

In the days of the comet

Charles Avery

In the days of the comet


In a brutalist building at the Southbank Center is the Hayward Gallery. With it's rather unwelcoming structure it's quite a reward to walk inside and see what the curators Lisa Le Feuvre and Tom Morton has put together. 39 artists is shown here, chosen based on their significant contribution to contemporary art in the last five years.

Charles Avery (top picture), has been working since 2004 with drawings, sculptures and writings about an imaginary Island. The central character is Hunter, who is searching for philosophical truth in a Country where it is elusive.  In this piece it is Hunter's would-be sweetheart, "Miss Miss turns her cheek upwards as though to receive a kiss from her absent suitor, and is covertly observed by a one-armed snake". I would have loved to see the rest of Avery's imaginary world and will keep my eyes and ears open for a Solo show.

Duncan Campbell

Duncan Campbell is a documentary maker, tasking complicated figures in the History, cuts past footage, adds his own and scripted voiceovers.
This film is about the young Bernadette Devlin who was fighting for the rights of the people of Northern Ireland in the 70's. 

"Get the British Army out of this Country"

Mick Peter

Mick Peter misrepresents everyday objects and reminds me a little of Claes Oldenburg. Here with two Architects drafting tables folded and disheveled as a piece from the past.

The Hours
Christian Marclay

What I was the most excited about was having the opportunity to see "The Hours" by Christian Marclay. A video with cuts from seemingly thousands of movies to represent 24 hours. You watch the artfully crafted piece in real time and you wish you would not have to leave. So many movie memories and so many surprises. The soundtrack adds to the excitement as well. I can't believe how time consuming this must have been. I hope I will have a chance to see this at another "time" as well.

The Folding House (2010)
Spartacus Chetwynd

Spartacus Chetwynd has made a tree - house sculpture that is also used for her performance workshop the 24th of March. She uses ideas from architectural buildings, origami and solar panels to sort of express a free energy in art.

User Group Disco
Elizabeth Price

Lots of video arts at this exhibit and another one is Elizabeth Price'a "User Group Disco". With pumping music by A-ha like "Take on me", you are going through a sort of philosophical universe. 
The way I am seeing this piece is that it's a brilliant criticism on consumerism. Products we think we need is flying around in the universe, disposed off, with nowhere to land. You as the viewer are sort of watching in a short of dancing mood... like it is cool. Ah, the irony of us people!

Tonight, is all about new Gallery openings and I am loading up to welcome new impressions and to share them with you, of course!!

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  1. totally fascinating! I so want to see the hours clip, that sounds awesome.

  2. Wow, this all looks so cool!


  3. Sounds really cool- such a great concept for the folding house and solar panels- and the FREE energy.

  4. been exited about this exhibition too, and looking forward to soon finally get the chance to have a look at it myself :)

  5. The Hours video looks fascinating!

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  6. 24 hours looks like fun! You have such great suggestions for London art galleries - will have to e-mail you again when I visit!

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  7. This is great! Love Mick Peter's piece. :)

  8. Hope you had fun at the Gallery openings and a happy weekend to you :)