Thursday, March 3, 2011

Turning the World Upside Down

Kensington Gardens
Serpentine Gallery

Yesterday, my plans got all cancelled at the last minute so I hurried to come up with an Alternative Art adventure. It ended up being one of my best days so far in London.

I ventured to Hyde Park and first I had a coffee at the Serpentine Gallery Cafe overlooking the Serpentine Lake. I was immediately feeling happiness and satisfaction engulf me, and then to top it off, one of my sisters called to announce that she was going to get married in Lake Geneva this fall. What better place than this to receive good news? Now Hyde Park will always remind me of Love fulfilled!

Even though it was cold the sun was shining so I walked slowly to not interfere with my blissful state through the park, to explore Anish Kapoor's sculptures.

A. Sky Mirror 2006

What better way to explore a new park than to go from sculpture to sculpture?

Hyde park has it all from a great manicured park and lake into the more wild and free Kensington garden and its Round pond and Italian fountain garden, and also with The Serpentine Gallery in the middle of this heaven.

B. C-Curve 2007

C. Sky Mirror, Red 2007

D. Non-Object (Spire), 2007

If you are in London right now there is nothing I could recommend more than walking among the Anish Kapoor Sculptures in Kensington Garden. But, hurry it is all over the 13th of March.

With Love 


  1. Unfortunately the pictures are not so good..caused by a too big cover on the Iphone... creating a disappointing ..oh,well!

  2. Ooh is this recent or has it always been there? Hope I can see it when i visit!

  3. those are SO interesting!! I love the mirror reflecting the woods in the woods...very awesome.

  4. Beautiful sculptures and photographs, unless you get them in some shade from the top, but that's the least you can be removed perfectly with Photoshop, are perfect. I love the mirror which reflects the forest.
    Take this opportunity to say hello and thank you for visiting my blog. I for one will follow from Gijón, Asturias, Spain

  5. Awww..congrats to your sister and Hyde Park will always remind you of good news:) Brilliant! Those sculptures are really amazing:) Happy Thursday afternoon, sweetie

  6. Anish Kapour is amazing, the sculptures are beautiful!
    Great blog!
    thanks for commenting on my blog :)

  7. hi kristin! i just popped over from daydream lily and ADORE your blog! i couldn't help but click the little follow button! so excited to follow your adventures in the months to come! xo

  8. Oh, I wish I could be in London right now.
    Great, great post.

  9. Those sculptures are amazing. Definitely a must see!! :)SArahD

  10. Gorgeous sculptures! What an experience. And congratulations to your sister- wonderful news.

  11. Stunning sculptures and images! Keep up the great work, and the positives vibes. (-: