Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Bejing Airport

When I came back from Spain last week I was met with a house full of boxes from N.Y... so instead of having time to blog I have spent time trying to make space for living.
One of these boxes contained one of our most valuable possessions; a limited edition "Box-set" of Ai Weiwei photographies that was given us last year. 147 photos from the building of the Foster & Partners Bejing Airport.

Documented photos from the "Becoming" of Bejing airport where his destiny was to be detained a few years later. 3rd of April 2011.
It has been over three weeks now since Ai Weiwei disappeared and the whole Art World is longing for his return. There has been great demonstrations all over the world, the latest one in Hong Kong with the slogan "Who is afraid of Ai Weiwei?" Yes, who? What makes an Artist be such a symbol of fright for the Chinese Government. Why did they pick him as a symbol to frighten others?

Ai Weiwei's favorite slogan is:

"To live your life"

Why is he not allowed?

Maybe, because he strikes a cord with us all, maybe because he represents the people in such an intense and truthful way?

Here are pictures from the Box-set of the building of Bejing Airport. It will give you a sense of his composition and of how he makes the common turn into something incredibly beautiful. Like with his Sunflower seeds he makes the small become powerful, and that is what he is doing for the Chinese people. The many and what the many does still counts, you are important!!!

"I have always admired writing as the highest medium of expression that a person can use. But it has to be related to practice. I can always use writing to better state my understanding of a concept in art and architecture, because it has less limitations and more freedom in written form. I use my blogs to help me to advance my writings, not only on artistic discussions, but also on social and political issues."
       Ai Wei Wei "Becoming" (Ivorypress & Timezone)

To Support the release of Ai Wei Wei:

With Love

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  1. Thank you Kristin!!! The world should never be silent about the injustice happening to this outstanding artist and the people of China!!!
    Love, Bettina

  2. In China certain things change and others remain hopelessly the same :(
    Last news I read

  3. Très profond et vibrant article, pour lequel je m' excuse de vous répondre en français Kristin !
    Mais vous nous montrez ici, toute l' importance de l' aspect irrémédiablement libérateur de l' art face aux attitudes politiques régressives et répressives face à l' expression naturelle de l' être humain, COMMUNIQUER !
    On ne peut bâillonner l' imaginaire de qui que ce soit, encore moins celui d' un artiste qui fonctionne à la vitesse grand V.
    C' est ce que vous nous démontrez sans discours politico-pathétique. Avec des photographies seulement... Mais tout avec des photographies !
    Je suis vraiment heureux de vous connaitre !

  4. Thank you for this article update DÓtli!!

  5. Hello Kristin:
    Although the internet may have its disadvantages, one of its merits is that it enables things to be made public which might, in different circumstances, remain hushed up and in so doing may, perhaps, cause a certain disquiet.

    Whilst the message of Ai Wei Wei, To live your life', may appear simple, sadly for many, many people this is an unattainable goal.

    The sequence of images is wonderful!

  6. That is so amazing that you have some of his photographs! He is such a courageous man and one whose vision has been so true and unwavering.

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  7. Wow, I had no clue this was happening - that is insane. I am intrigued to go find news articles about it..

  8. Thank you for this article.

    Actually I am very worried about the wellbeing of Mr.Ai.

    We have to show the chinese government that
    we will go on watching what they are doing with Ai Weiwei, Liu Xiaobo and all the courageous chinese people who are fighting for civil rights and freedom.


  9. Your blog is amazing! Love it!♥

  10. Amazing work!
    Hope this artist is released asap!


  11. Thank you for sharing these amazing photos, and your impressions.

    Ai is an artist full of light, and I hope we can do our small part to bring him back to safety to his family. We shine just a bit brighter if we do.

  12. Thanks for your thoughts! Beautiful photos.


  13. I have chills. These photographs are beautiful and haunting. I can see why these are such a treasure.
    My heart is sad. Thank you for this post.

  14. Isn't it incredible that things like this are still happening? What a world. His photography is geometrically haunting; you fall into it deeply like walking into a field of mirrors.

  15. Love your description Heather. Tomorrow he has been gone 25 days, pretty horrifying. I hope the Chinese Gov. Will bend to pressure but so far it only looks like they are tightening a frightening grip.

  16. That is so incredible and very sad. Also, those photographs are beautiful. Im so going to read more about it all. Happy Monday, sweetie. Kisses and hugs