Thursday, April 7, 2011

The Sultans Heavenly Pantry

The Alhambra of Granada
Part 1- Generalife

A trip to the Alhambra of Granada has been an excellent vacation treat. The silence of the place and the well organized settings made you feel that you could spend the whole day there and at times feel all alone. But, don't go there without ordering tickets... the silence is deceiving... you are actually walking among thousands.

I will show you the place by the way I walked it, not by how it was chronologically built. The founder of the Nasrid Dynasty was Muhammad I al-Ahmar and he installed his Court on the Sabika hill in 1238, and with that began building the Alhambra Paradise.

Generalife and the Sultan's Heavenly Pantry is built in the 13th Century on a fertile hill with an abundance of water. The Nasrids tried here to recreate in this land the paradise with which the Koran promised to reward them after death..

"A fertile garden, with flowing rivers, full of fruit trees, palm trees and flowers, with shady nooks in which they would lie on beds lined with brocades, accompanied by youths and shy virgins "With large eyes like well conserved pearls".

View From Generalife

Showing the beauty of their irrigation system

The lower gardens of the Generalife

Walking along the cypresses, the orange trees and the flowers made you remember that you should always surround yourself with wonderful scents and how healing that can be.

Breathtaking details

Court of the water Channel

Coming out of the Romantic Mirador tower you walk through a staircase overgrown with Lilacs.

Me and my man:)

During the Christian Period, Generalife changed, therefore it is impossible to know how it looked originally, but a great sanctuary it still is.

Alcazaba, Nasrid Palaces and Partal coming up soon!

With Love 

(Part 2 here)


  1. Love the Alhambra!
    Amazing pics, darling!


  2. It's beautiful. I'll go to visit it in July and, seing your photos, I am almost impatient to go there.

    And bravo, nice perspicacity, I'll publish a book in October.

  3. I also remember the beautiful scents and the cooling water of the lower gardens of the Generalife :) But you have to climb quite a steep hill to get up to Alhambra, so the gardens and fountains were actually essential! Of course not everyone goes there in July.

  4. those photos are marvelous! and it was so fun to see a picture of you guys :)

  5. So much beauty! That first picture has me captivated, to think someone crafted all of that!

    And it was nice to put a face to your words. :)

  6. These pics have left me breathless...what an amazing place!

  7. Great photos- the gardens are lovely as the buds of spring appear- well nice to 'see' you!

  8. Phew, what a place!
    Looks like you guys had a nice trip :)

  9. beautiful! i would love to get married there... ;)

  10. You both are so adorable and those photos are so beautiful. All of them give such a calming vibe. happy Monday, sweetie

  11. Thank you, one of these wonderful places that you are grateful about visiting:)