Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Grand Palais (Paris)

I just came back from a wonderful weekend in Paris with my man where I tried to see as much Art as possible but also enjoyed the scenery, the hotel, the food and the champagne...ah you know, Paris!

One of the must see contemporary art installations that is going on right now in Paris; is the Anish Kapoor at the Grand Palais.

This picture makes it look more stunning than it's in real life (I think)... it was a lot darker in the room and impossible to take any good photos of your own.
That might be because we went at 11PM for a night visit.... how nice is that? have a fabulous dinner and then go out and see late night art.
Something special just happened when we were about to leave and I turned to say "It would be nice if there was some music in the room".
Like magic, suddenly about 20 people from a choir started to gather in the middle of the room and began singing songs from all over the world... one Hebrew, one Russian and an Italian. 

With the singing in the art space, I ended up with a sacred little monumental moment in my life.

I asked the guards if this had happened before... but no... I had just been incredibly lucky with my timing.

With Love

Anish Kapoor dedicated this piece at the unveiling to Ai Weiwei who is still missing.


  1. Hello Kristin:
    What an incredible thing to have happened, and so very exciting.

    And what a very good idea to be able to visit a gallery at night. Once a year, in June on the longest night, all the museums and art galleries are open in Budapest throughout the night and all for the price of a single ticket.

  2. Kristin,

    thank you for sharing. Especially the music moment you described gave me chills and I don't believe this happened "by chance". Wow!

    Anish Kapoor is an amazing artist. I was lucky to discover some of his Art in Munich "Haus der Kunst" a while ago, where his exhibition was soon followed by Ai Weiwei's amazing Art show.

    I'm happy Anish dedicated his artwork to Ai to keep this incredible crime in the heads of people and in the media.

    Art heals!


  3. I also got chills, so beautiful I love your stories and writing, they transport me and allow me to live vicariously through you.

  4. Thank you for your visit the other day...what JOY..Paris with your man! This image is amazing.Have a great day!

  5. wow that sounds like magic...

  6. That is so very lucky and that photo in INCREDIBLE. It sounds like you had the most wonderful time in Paris, sweetie. So happy about it! Have a lovely evening, Kisses

  7. That picture is amazing. Yur trip to Paris sounds like a dream. Love Paris! :)SarahD

  8. Ah Paris! :-) What a wonderful moment to have music magically appear just when it seems it should be there. I'm so glad you had a good time.

    This photo does look wonderful. Isn't it interesting how photos and real time perception can often be different?

  9. What a beautiful and amazing story. And in Paris of all places!

  10. What a great moment to experience!

    x Jasmine

  11. anish kapoor + grand palais = infreakingcredible.