Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Super Brand

Laura Keeble
"Down the Aisle"

Super Brand
Andaz Hyatt Hotel (London)

Irina Stark is a curator and an art consultant that I keep meeting at various Art Events. Irina runs Stark Projects where she manages private collections and sets up exhibitions for emerging and mid-career artists. Lately she has been busy curating the exhibition Super Brand at the Andaz Hotel. Super Brand was put up in connection with the Frieze festival, but you still have time to run over for a cocktail and a viewing, it stays up until this Sunday (the 30th of October). 

Another show that deals with our addiction to consumerism and brand names (the last post I wrote was about Josephine Meckseper and her take on it). I particularly enjoy the "Down the Aisle" piece. Is our new church really the mall? Laura Keeble used reclaimed cathedral stained glass on the shopping trolley and the basket.

"..."Buy this you will feel better, be better, live better".
"The final journey up the aisle to the altar, where a donation box validates and blesses this feeling of uplift as a true exchange".  - Superbrand

Simon Monk is represented with a series of five paintings called "Secret Identity" each representing a plastic model of a famous superhero.

Matteo Negri

The enlarged "lego" pieces are made by Matteo Negri. Inspired by the way he played with Lego as a child, he now turns it into and adult expression of his ambition and self-expression. He bends the rules with not only using the straight standard bricks but gives the lego different loops and curves. This brings out the question of what do we do within a society with no clear answers? and with too many choices?

With Love 


  1. That trolley is great, positively beautiful and I never thought I'd say that about a shopping trolley ;-) As for your question about society... I don't really know, trying to figure ourselves out and trying to make sense and the best of it all I guess? xo

  2. I agree the trolley is great and such a wonderful inspiration!
    I love the lego too and the place is beautiful
    Claudia xo

  3. Love 'Down the Aisle' - very powerful - the reclaimed stained glass is stunning and the message so sadly true.

  4. That shopping cart is too cool!
    Love the social commentary!


  5. An amazing world!!! Full of light and joy... And humour!


  7. I love the shopping trolley and the horse. It is great when artists use the ordinary to create the extraordinary.

  8. So clever and fun - I love the Lego pieces and the of cuff fun it represents!

  9. The shopping cart is totally fantastic and I love the lego concept as well. It's very clever. Have a relaxing evening, my dear. Kisses

  10. love the trolley... but the rest i fint a bit ... well not my kind of art ( love founding out more about them though!)
    now to answer your question : take the choise you don`t get. its usually the simplest and totaly yours...

  11. I'd rather have too many choices than too few! : )

  12. really interesting work...very thought provoking!


  13. Sometimes there are spare shopping carts around the streets. Maybe someone borrowed one and took it home, left it then to streets when it was not needed anymore. Next time they are always gone. I wonder if there is someone collecting these carts and bringing them back to shops. This one indeed makes me to think about religion with its church-like windows.