Monday, October 17, 2011

The Rider on the White Horse

Der Schimmelreiter, 
2007, oil on canvas

Ruprecht von Kaufmann
Aquator 2
Uzyiel Family Collection

Last week we were invited to a vernissage of Ruprecht Von Kaufmann's work at the home of Freda and Isaac Uziyel.  Freda and Isaac have recently built a subterranean private gallery that leads to a sculpture garden, close to the gorgeous Hampstead Heath. A perfect place to present their immaculate taste in Art. With great enthusiasm Freda introduces us to her collection and leads us to the basement were we meet the man the evening is tributed to, Ruprecht Von Kaufmann. 

It did not take long before we realized we had lived quite close to each other some years ago. I in Pasadena, Ruprecht in Arcadia while studying at the Art and design center in Pasadena, California.
Ruprecht went on living in America after his studies and moved to New York (Williamsburg) for a few years, before moving back to Germany. Ruprecht was born in Munich in 1974, but now he lives and works in Berlin.

After Freda discovered Ruprecht she aquired the top painting called "Der Schimmelreiter" (The Rider on the White Horse). "Der Schimmelreiter" is based on a novella that Ruprecht grew up with, he says. It was written by the German writer Theodor Storm. A story about a man who was in charge of the dykes, very good at what he does, has bright new ideas but does not have the talent to communicate it. When the flood comes it destroys the dykes and he goes down with them. The story represents in Ruprechts view a tale of how one man cannot do it all alone.

Von der unmoglichkeit ein Portrait zu malen

Lately Ruprecht's work has been evolving quite a lot, he has been testing how far he can go with the combination of sculpture and painting. The pieces are sort of emitting out towards you so it leaves the one dimensional to become more interactive. As Ruprecht says:

"There ends up being a struggle between the individuals and the Artwork. You will need to change your position to get a straight view. The opinion you have formed will change depending on where you stand."

At the beginning of this transformation from the one dimensional to the more sculptural was the "Von der unmoglichkeit ein Portrait zu malen". Ruprecht had just been asked to be part of a portrait exhibition, and being a bit intimidated by the fact that he is not a portrait painter, a figurative painter, yes, but rather a representative of the more anti-portraitists. The result he came up with was this piece, where the individidual is looking at himself in the mirror but by only seeing his body posture reflected you are left with having to interpret the rest yourselves. On the felt behind the painting one can see steps as part of a house, which makes you think more about the complexity of the human. If you could see the face would you have understood the person better? perhaps not.

(Insert) Von der unmoglichkeit ein Portrait zu malen

Das also ist...
2010,  Acrylic on felt

In these last three pieces you can view the complete conversion and a signature Ruprecht Von Kaufmann work of today. Here he is accomplishing a great technique with using acrylic on felt.
The result seems well thought through and proficient.

2010, Acrylic on felt

You still cannot see the expressions of the characters illustrated but you do feel that you know them. The passive guy watching TV as in a safe distance to what is going on elsewhere in the world.

Der Tag an dem der Osterhase eschossen wurde
2010, Acrylic on Felt

Ruprecht von Kaufmann

Next month Ruprecht von Kaufmann will be holding a soloshow called "Old House" at Galerie Rupert Pfab in Dusseldorf.

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