Monday, October 24, 2011

Purple Heart

African Spir (2011)

Timothy Taylor Gallery

In the middle of the exclusive Mayfair area The Timothy Taylor Gallery is showing Josephine Meckseper critique of consumerism. The parody of this hits me sometimes but at the same time I am glad this is happening. The posh galleries are still taking a stand with political and interest conflicting themes. Please, must this never end.
Josephine Meckseper was born in Germany but most of her art is directly associated with the American Culture where she lives now (New York). She brings up the hunger for instant gratification and the throw-away culture that we are living in.

African Spir (Above);
"Meckseper references Hitchcock's classic of American Gothic, The Birds, to articulate American cultural imperialism played out through Hollywood's grip on cultural production. Meckseper posits the actress Tippi Hedren as a signature icon of American cold war propaganda in filmmaking. The whole cabinet is suffused with a sense of threat and acts as a modern sarcophagus; a totem decorated with contemporary cultural relics..." Timothy Taylor Gallery

Untitled (Angel), 2010
Chrome paint on acrylic resin, metal stand, acrylic on canvas, and glass dome on pedestal

Lexus Sculpture, 2010
Car headlight, disco ball, owl keychain, flag pin, belt buckle, chains on chrome stand.

Inspired by Rauschenberg and Johns. She uses recognizable objects to illustrates her point. She especially brings to light artifacts that make you reflect on the catastrophic American car industry.

Purple Heart, 2011
Mannequin leg in purple hosiery, and glass dome on pedestal

Emirates Palace, 2011
Acrylic and mixed media on canvas; plastic emblem on metal stand; mannequin leg, stocking; metal stand; rabbit fur; glass crystal; digital ink-jet print mounted on acrylic in steel and glass vitirine with fluorescent lights and acrylic sheeting.

'6' , 2011
Acrylic and mixed media on canvas; chrome arm; metal mesh with plaster, molding paste, acrylic, and paper on metal stand in steel and glass vitrine with fluorescent light and acrylic sheeting.

'SS22', 2011
Metal fixtures, chains; glass and metal jewelry; fur tail; aluminium can; acrylic sign and mixed media on canvases; glass crystals on acrylic mirrored MDF slatwall.

The Analysis of wealth, 2011
Mixed media and acrylic on canvas; metal fixtures; feather duster; glass crystal on acrylic mirrored MDF slatwall with aluminium edging.

Title from Foucalt's "The Order of Things" (Book about classical systems of knowledge, an archeology of the sciences.) Here applied to an archeology of our time in terms of politics and consumer society.

'Jaguar' 2010
Mixed media and acrylic on canvases; metal fixtures; chain; pipe; hosiery; sunglasses; acrylic fixtures; fur tail; on acrylic mirrored MDF slatwall with aluminum edging.

'Less' , 2010
Inkjet prink on Canvass.

The newspaper writings lately about the doomed 7 billion people we will turn into, makes me think that dealing with the urge for consumption will have to change and that Josephine Meckseper is right on target.

With Love;


  1. Kristin, først jeg vil takke deg for besøkene og koselige kommentarer jeg får fra deg : ) ... and then i need to say that every single visit on your blog makes me richer. i love art, museums, excibitions. and although i wouldn`t change my country life for anything in the world, i enjoy the culture doses i get from you by reading your blog. you seem to know your subject, every single time, something one doesn`t always find in people nowdays...
    stor klem fra meg på landet ; )

  2. Amazing commentary!
    Love the purple mannequin leg piece!


  3. Some interesting pieces...
    Greetings from France,


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  5. I love the contemporary feel of these pieces. The first one is too cool!