Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The Tomb of the Unknown craftsmen

Hold Your Beliefs Lightly (2011)

Grayson Perry
The British Museum

It is awkward and fun to see the what Grayson Perry has been allowed to achieve at the British Museum. Inspired by the fact that most of the artefacts of the collection actually comes from tombs and is made by "unknown craftsmen", Grayson Perry has picked pieces that inspires him and then displayed it together with his own contemporary tapestry, sculptures and drawings. With each piece he has picked he gives an explanation of why the particular object is touching to him, and then it is matched with a "Comparable" adaption that he has created. The whole concept together makes it a very enjoyable viewing.

Pilgrimage to the British Museum, 2011

On his pilgrimage to (and through) the British Museum his 50 year old Teddy, Alan Measles is quite prominent. Alan Measles was the dictator of his childhood imaginary world. Notice... he still is as he is represented in most of his work, as some sort of God like creature. 
Grayson Perry has earlier been his bodyguard he says, but now he is a guru and lives in his personal cosmology.

Grayson Perry and Alan Measles aboard AM1on the Nurburgring
motor racing circuit, Germany, 2010

Here Alan Measles travels to meet the world in his personal backseat shrine, like the Pope in his "Popemobile". They went to Germany to make peace!

Grayson Perry is well known for his great costumes;
"One fact that every transvestite has to come to terms with is that a person dressed up in the clothes of the opposite sex is somehow inherently funny. This can be a very difficult aspect of being a cross-dresser and I  feel it has profoundly shaped my own outlook on life. I regard humor as an important and necessary aspect of art." Grayson Perry

Our Mother, 2009

"I am not a historian, I am an artist. That is all you need to know"
- Grayson Perry

Still he brings art history a new perspective. Here is Grayson's version of a pilgrim. How we like to bring back souvenirs from our traveling as tokens of memory. This iron sculpture also has a male (Our Father) counterpart, as Grayson says "They carry the weight of many different cultures and conflicts as well as the domestic and familiar. They are all of us and also from somewhere else."

The Rosetta vase, 2011

Grayson Perry began ceramic lessons in 1983, his pottery now is like a map of our culture today.
Grayson Perry Map Silk scarf (collectible)
(Bought this silk scarf, excited for it to drop in my mailbox)

I wish I could show you the entertaining details of his work... but for that you will have to visit The British Museum. You still have time for the adventure, the exhibit is up until 19th of February 2012, I promise you will see an unrivaled exhibit.

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  3. oh! i would lovet do that... its been a while i have had a real art experience... good to have you around Kristin : )

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  8. I agree with Demie.... Thank you for bringing such interesting artists to us! Whilst reading this I felt so thankful that this world is peopled with such characters as Grayson Perry (and teddy)!

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