Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Salon

Mark Hulson
Untitled, 2004

Fraternise - Salon

I keep walking the London streets only guarded with my Art map. The streets are not too well marked on this map, but it does lead me to places it would have taken me years to find without. 
On my London Gallery hunt (swearing to myself I will have been to them all during this year...) I find quite a few hidden treasures. 

One of them is the The Beaconsfield located in the Vauxhall area and holding its forth inside an old school:

The Beaconsfield is now holding it´s exhibit "Fraternise - The Salon". Naomi Siderfin one of the two Artist-Directors kindly invited me in and told me a bit about the exhibit. 

This exhibit is especially directed towards new collectors, combining unknown and known artists with work ranging from £5 - £20,000.

Edwina FitzPatrick
Flights of fancy, 2011
Whole work: £1,200

Each Stem: £45

David Birkin
Untitled (2007)
From the series Confessions.

This series is quite fascinating. David Berkin made each sitter make a confession while he leaves the room. The picture is taken during the time the confession is told. This is supposed to be his mother. Makes you curious....

Damien Hirst
Big Love (Unique Proof) 2010

Lucy Gunning
Mobile, 2010

Tamsin Pender
Bench, 2003

Ben Cockett
Swarm II, 2004

Maria Marshall
I did love this night, 2002

In the back of the building is this rather dark dungeon looking arched tunnel that has been converted into an art space. It still smells a bit like fish? and the trains are thundering over my head... at least it felt like it. But, I still enjoyed exploring the pieces.

Amelia Newton Whitelaw
If you Die I´ll kill you, 2011

Quite a dramatic title, but also humorous when you get to know that the Balloon was huge when the installation opened and gradually it evaporate. It can be filled up to the size you want if you should decide to collect the piece.

Richard Elliot
Kart, 2009

Keith Wilson
Small Stele (red) 2011

I enjoyed this one a lot. It comes in a blue version as well... but I rather prefer the red.

Eloise Fornieles
Wanderlust III, 2010

I asked Naomi about this awkward piece and she said "Isn´t it beautiful?" which made me mumble a bit.
I am not sure if I ... eh... would say that... But, Naomi just smiled and told me that at the opening it was a pretty spectacular burning of the rocking horse. Something that reminds you about how important it is to know certain pieces stories.

Tamsyn Challenger
Tamsynette Pick-Me-Up, 2011

After the viewing I sat down in the canteen and enjoyed the flat screen editions, with a good large overspilling latte.

With Love


  1. really interesting art tour!!!
    thank you Kristin and happy day!


  2. I love your Art journeys and I thank you for letting us participate in the adventure!

    Love, Bettina

  3. Gorgeous post!
    Love that bench!


  4. Hello Kristin:
    We have much enjoyed visiting the Beaconsfield with you as we have never been. The opening picture you show reminds us, by way of the colouring rather than the content, of the work of Glenn Brown whose work was exhibited in the Ludwig Museum of Contemporary Art in Budapest quite recently.

    It is so true, we feel that contemporary works benefit from having a 'history' of the piece and or artist explained. This makes, for us at least, the works so much more accessible.

  5. I think that when we love modern art, we must buy some pieces of it. At any price, like you show it on your article.
    Very interesting indeed !
    Now right up to Paris !!!

  6. very interesting photos here. way cool. stop by my blog and follow if you'd like..see ya soon!


  7. Thanks for the gallery recommendation! Ooh I like the Damien Hirst piece though of course it's pricey. The art collecting will take a while with prices like these!

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  8. Interesting art work, thanks for sharing.
    Big hugs

  9. how neat, thank you for sharing these :)


  10. would love to own flowers and heart! Amazing

  11. thanks for introducing me to The Beaconsfield. when you say 'art map', is it a map especially pointing out arty places? which would be fab.

  12. Yes, It is quite a fantastic thing of London. You can go into any gallery and they will more than likely have one of the two different versions of the map, it is also updated every 2 months... Fantastic!! Every city should have one:)

  13. those birkin photos seem so cool!

  14. You always find the coolest places. That Ben Cockett piece is really amazing. Have a lovely evening, darling

  15. looks like fun- well except for the fish smelling dungeon- not sure if I would be comfortable there.

  16. I hope I get to London sooner rather than later! I need a good art tour guide. Wink wink.