Friday, May 6, 2011

With a gold chip to buy yourself free

Ted Noten
Gallery Rob Koudijs

International Art Fair for Contemporary Objects

A bit more of a craft crowd (can I say slightly older?) at the Saatchi Gallery today. It was rented out for an International collectors fair. Quite a few traditional objects, but then in between you were hit with great creativity, both in terms of humor and handiwork. An entertaining "Af-fair".

I am craving this fabulous female Ted Noten "Gun" with a lipstick burner, pill pocket and a gold chip to buy yourself free!!! How fun (says the "Pacifist").

Katja Prins

The same Gallery showed these fabulous "Inter-Act" necklaces by Katja Prins.

Jasper Dowding
Glass Artists Gallery (Australia)

Incredible glass sculpture bowls and jewelry by Jasper Dowding.

Pippin Drysdale
Joanna bird Pottery UK

Pippin Drysdale here with vessels representing the Australian landscape and culture.

Steffen Dam
Jellyfish Jars
Blown and cast glass

Nora Fok Bracelets

Antonio Spoto
BF Gallery Belgium

Hakutai (A thousand years)
Naoki Takeyama
Enamelled Copper object with silver leaf
Yufuki Gallery (Tokyo)

Naoki Takeyama
Enamelled copper object with gold & silver leaf.

Each of these objects are made from a single copper sheet that is pinched and formed by hand. The animated copper bodies are then decorated with numerous coats of glaze, with each coat requiring a separate firing. After glazing, silver or gold leaf is cut out and applied using a bamboo paddle, and fired on through separate firings. Each work takes approx. 1 month to complete, and requires more than 20 individual firings..... Wow, right?

 Kjell Rylander
Gallery Kunst 1, Norway

Adored this one.

Barbara Paganu

The Belgian Gallery, Sofie Lachaert had a gorgeous set up with exciting jewelry.

Carl Richard Suderstrom
Blås & Knåda (Sweden)

This artist has made a surprising turn from simple cups and plates to elaborate sculptures.

The Mnemosyne
Michael Eden
The Scottish Gallery

 A box for your memories.....When scanned with a Smartphone barcode reader App, the viewer is connected to a website where stories can be told, memories stored, sounds locked away.

For sure something I have never come across before, how inventive.

Ja-Kyung Shin
Reunion II
Galerie Rosemarie Jager

...Made me think of the school reunion I am missing back in Norway tomorrow...

Rebecca Wilson
Light Spill

How fun is this lamp, and yes it works.

Mieke de Groot
Gallery Terra

Junko Mori
A silver Organism Twig

Michael Eden

Colorful and happy by Michael Eden,

"I create things inspired by historical objects and contemporary themes to engage the viewer in a narrative"

Michael Eden

Chandelier-eight branches
Celestino Valenti
New Brewery Arts at collect

Don´t be deceived, this one is huge, reaching from ceiling to floor. Desperately seeking a grand room.

Alain Mailland
Collection Ateliers dÁrt de France

On the smaller side is this elegant locust tree sculpture.

Out of the House
Katharine Morling

One of the artists picked for the "Project space" Her "house" was built specially for the Collect Fair.

Which of these collectibles would you have picked?

Have a great weekend,
With Love 


  1. Very cool post!
    Love the necklaces!


  2. Oh, you can call it bang bang art, isn' t it ?
    Or from the kitsch to the kitchen !
    In fact, a very amazing and spectacular walking of todays tendency.

  3. Wow- I love so much of this stuff- The Jelly Fish glass art- I seriously want to start a collection!
    The JD glass art that looks like tires- genius.
    And the pink box… I should have saved my use of the word genius for this… Let's just leave it at 'something I can't wait to share with my husband and kids cuz it is THAT cool'.

    So glad you shared all of this with us!

  4. Hello Kristin:
    What an amazing time you must have had if these wonderful images are anything to go by. Such a wide and varied collection of superb items, each one totally individual, original in both thought and design, beautifully executed and all, we fear to say, highly desirable.

  5. Incredible and everything :))

  6. Loving that gun. Those jellyfish jars are brilliant, also. :)SArahD

  7. i can't pick just one but i have to say the jellyfish are soooo cool... have a nice weekend!

  8. I think I had to look at every single thing to decide what was going on - very cool!

  9. What a great round up of crafty goodness...the artistic mind never ceases to amaze!

    xx Cat brideblu

  10. Those jellyfish jars look so magical! What a slew of amazing pieces! ♥

  11. All of these pieces are so incredibly unique! I just love those nora fok bracelets.


  12. Så utrolig mye inspirerende kunst du viser i dag Kristin! Jeg bare elsker glassene med maneter på :)

    Og en finfin Søndag til deg!

  13. The "gun" and Nora Folk bracelets are so cool! I have to get to the Saatchi gallery next time!

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  14. So many amazing stuff..Like the rings by Jasper Dowding and the jelly fish glass art! So magical! Great post, my dear. Kisses