Friday, May 13, 2011

Zodiac Heads

Ai Weiwei
Somerset House

This post is being reposted (shorter version) as the original got deleted by Bloggers.

At the fabulous Somerset House the private view of Ai Weiwei statues enfolded Wednesday night. 12 bronze animal heads each weighing 363 kg. is a great contemporary addition to a legendary edifice.
With a fancy guest list, great cheese and charcuterie, wine and Beer service I felt something was missing.
Like we were all waiting for some sign of being together for the missing Artist.
Ai Weiwei has been missing for 6 weeks now and I thing the Somerset House left out an opportunity to make a happening of this event.

But, please go and see the sculptures they are fabulous.

Another Rat (like me)

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Ai Weiwei retrospect at the Lisson Gallery

With Love Kristin


  1. those are so so cool looking!

  2. These are amazing!
    Fabulous photos, darling!


  3. What fun statues! Ooh and would love to hear your report on Ai Weiwei.

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  4. that is great that you will be going to give your support!

  5. Hello Kristin:
    Somewhat of a disappointing evening but, that said, the bronze heads are truly superb and well worth seeing.

    We may have previously sent a comment [hello] by mistake and to be ignored and obviously not to be published.

  6. Oh, yes! The sculptures are superb and not to be missed. Will try to delete the hello comment. I am on my phone now:)

  7. man they're heavy! the detail in that rooster is fabulous.

    i'm a plain ol' dog. :)

  8. these are pretty awesome! i can't wait to see what happens in the next exhibit.

  9. Grâce à votre reportage et vos photographies, on a vraiment envie d' y être !
    Vous feriez un guide de charme et d' exception !

  10. Wow! Those statues are spectacular ... Looking forward to your next post on art, because it's always interesting!

    Have a lovely weekend! =(^.^)=

  11. wow i never knew about Ai Weiwei and his art. you've just whetted my curiosity and im gonna go find out more on the net now...thanks for sharing as always :)