Wednesday, July 13, 2011

From dwindling Paradises to Space...

Space shuttle 1 Kennedy Space Center, Cape Canaveral 2008

Whitechapel Gallery

The well known German photographer Thomas Struth was Celebrated with a great opening at the Whitechapel Gallery last Tuesday. Here I want to share with you two of my favorite "Chapters" of his work. Two contrasting epochs; the constructive and the natural. Both of these Thomas Struth captures beautifully. The interesting aspect is how Thomas Struth manages to bring out the soul of each image, you think you can as well...but, not the Thomas Struth way.

Dry Dock DSME Shipyard, Geoje Island 2007

Mobile Art 2, Hong Kong 2008

Tokamak Asdex Upgrade Interior 2, Max Planck IPP, Garching 2009

"Thomas Struth´s photographs are about making order visible. And with the help of these images, the viewer finds him - or herself better able to grasp some of the many and varied faces of reality. For the things that surround us in our daily lives - which we should be entirely at ease with - are becoming ever more chaotic and harder to grasp...."
          Anette Kruszynski

Stellarator Wendelstein 7-X Detail, Max Planck IPP, Greifswald 2009

Paradise 1, Daintree, Australia

Paradise 22 Sao Francisco de Xavier, brazil 2001

Paradise 9, Xi Shuang Banna, China 1999

Paradise 30 Rio Madre de Dios, Peru, 2005

Paradise 26 Palpa, Peru 2003

Paradise as it still is some places without human interruption. One day we will miss it, or have we already lost it? Will we have to create Paradises in the future to make the feeling last?

With Love 

Photos taken from the Whitechapel Gallery book Thomas Struth, Photographs 1978-2010


  1. They are beautiful and the last image is breathtaking. I simply adore the vibe of his work. Have a lovely day, darling

  2. That last shot just made my day, wow... what a beautiful post and reminder.

  3. This post is Paradise, darling!


  4. I agree with you- Paradise is in the eye of the beholder. :) and too much of Paradise- is it still Paradise for a long period of time?

  5. yeah, with a little terraforming, mars could be just like this.

  6. Such beautiful images...I've been lucky enough to visit some of the Daintree rainforest and its breathtaking...But yes unfortunately I think we've lost some of the beauty and innocence of the landscape in some areas...buildings are replacing natural beauty, how scary is that?
    Claudia xo

  7. Thank you all for the comments:)

  8. Kristin - firstly, thank you for visiting my blog - and I love this concept; it rings true to me and reflects the contrasts in our 'life space'.

  9. I love the soulful feeling of these photos too!

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  10. Oh wow, absolutely gorgeous. That last one. Love.

  11. paradise lost..etc :) have you read that?

  12. No unfortunately not, only parts. Love the William Blake illustrations for the poems though!